#1 - Best meat processor/grinder for $
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From: Blade
What do you consider the best meat processor/grinder for the money? Why?

I like my LEM .75 HP. If you wait, BassPro has it for $50 off once or twice a year. It handles everything I want it to. I could go smaller, but I wouldn't want to and I can't see needing the 1 HP.

From: Bou'bound
for how much money?

From: pa bowhunter
Lem, hands down the best, unless the drop the coin on a professional grinder.

From: buzz mc

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I think allot depends on how much you intend to grind each year. I do about 3 deer a year and a #32 manual grinder has served me well. This thing will probably outlive me and serve another generation of hunters. With sharp blades, it really takes no time at all to grind up an animal.

From: elk yinzer
I am rocking a free hand me down cast iron hand grinder. I guess for the money thats hard to beat, even if it does take me a beer or two longer to grind up each deer.

From: 7mm08
Cabelas "commercial grade" grinders are great. I have the 1.5 hp but don't really need it that big. Brother has the 3/4 hp and both will grind faster than you can feed them. Get the footswitch... it makes things more efficient and you can really run through the meat without using your bloody hands to flip switches.

From: South Farm
I have the Cabela's 1 hp..bought it with gift-cards and points, so "for the money" it's the best I've used. Does everything I could ever hope for and if it ever dies I can use it for a boat anchor because it is HEAVY. What I've save in processing fees it has more than paid for itself numerous times over.

From: Mule Power
I have a Weston 3/4 hp and it’s a beast. Love it.

From: midwest
I have the LEM .5 hp Big Bite. One of the best advantages of the LEM is it attaches to and runs the meat mixer.

From: Ermine
My cabelas one works pretty well. Grinds thru the meat easy

From: Huntcell
Ya mention processing fees, some meat markets in my area, charge .50 cents a pound just to grind your trimming into burger no wrapping included .

Ya after a hundred deer, a dozen elk, a moose, Mt goat and few bears, the price of processing equipment looks pretty cheap.

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