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From: Blade
What do you consider the best vacuum packager for the dollar? Why? There are a lot of FoodSavers on the store shelves,especially discount stores...are they any good?

From: craig@work
My foodsaver has lasted 10+ years and counting so far. I bought my parents one this year also-got it on sale at wallyworl with bags for under $100. Follow the directions and works great

My foodsaver is 4 years old and running strong. I get 1/2 beef every year and I seal everything. Cheap amazon bags or the foodsaver bags, it doesn't seem to make any difference IMHO.

From: Blade
Thanks for the response...anything particular about using them other than what's in the manual?

From: wild1
Sorry for the hijack, but there a hundred different models of FoodSaver. Can anyone give a real short review and the particular model. Thanks!


beckerbulldog's Link
I have the v3230 model. I works fine, seals 99% of the bag (I always have one or 2 out of 100 that will loose their seal after a month or 2. I've sealed bag after bag for over an hour without it missing a beat. The only thing I don't like about it is the sealing bar is to high above the table service. I try to use a small of a bag as possible and having the bar so high up makes it hard to get a seal. I have a board that a set it front of the sealer to solve that problem. Can't use it if whatever you're sealing is wet though.

From: Mint
I went thru a bunch of food saver models, even the turbo model and they never lasted more than three years. I went and got a Weston commercial grade model for $400 and so far it is at least five years old and still going strong.

From: Inshart
Mine worked great until I made the mistake of borrowing it to a friend once then twice then the sealer crapped out on me. I'm assuming they didn't follow the directions and over used it. The one I have now is 5 years old and works great. FOOD SAVER 4800 SERIES

From: 3arrows
Saran warp

From: Mertyman
Foodsaver 2400 Series. The one I have now is going on 5 years and still working. The one we had previously lasted approximately 8 or 10 years (can't remember for sure) before it had to be replaced. Both units get/got what I would consider light to moderate use. We just get the roll of bags so you can cut them yourself to the desired size.

If I were butchering my own animals every year, I'd opt for something bigger and better, but this one fits our needs for what we use it for.


Cheesehead Mike's Link
My first one was an entry level model and it only lasted a couple years.

I'm on my second one and I believe it's the V3425 model and it's been working fine for a couple years.

Make sure you get one with the hose and then get the marinator (see my link). It works really well for making tender marinated steaks, etc.

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