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From: dg72a
Anyone on here fighting COPD? I have Bronchiectesis and it is slowly getting worse. It sure makes it hard to climb hills to my stands, or just doing things in general like shed hunting, etc. It`s easy to take your breathing for granted, until you don`t have it. Thank god I have an atv, but it`s not a cure-all getting to stands. Just venting, I guess. All replies welcome. No negative responses though.

From: jingalls
Don't have COPD but I got diagnosed with asthma at age 54. Was relieved as I thought it was a heart issue due to lack of breath doing anything. Still...a big problem as I'm short on breath and I'm realizing very quickly that my days of elk hunting in mountains are numbered. Keep a positive attitude and work hard to stay in the woods!

well glad you are still getting out there!

My dad does. He's an active guy but the breathing problems have made it tougher for him (he keeps a portable oxygen tank handy incase he needs it). I'm actually curious how he'd do in higher elevations, as he currently lives at around 200' above sea level (not talking alpine levels, just 2-4k feet mostly).

I got it,have to take a pill everyday and symbicort and albuteral every four hours two humid weather makes me stay in the air conditioning.I walk everyday.some days are just better then others.cough a lot too.I just take it easy hunting.

From: notme
Im not but im sure itll get me sooner or later..ive been on brio and encruse ellipta inhalers for 3 yrs now cause of severe pneumonia plus smoking doent help.

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