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From: Sage Buffalo
I was loving the "gamey" thread and thought it would be nice to have one post where we post our top (3ish) items we have to help take care of game once it's down or when we are in the kitchen.

1. Sous Vide: It has 100% changed the way my steaks and other meats have tasted. Really can't explain in words how incredible it is.

2. Kitchenaide Grinder: It's a beast. 20 years and the thing can crank out the burger.

3. Filet Knife: I love a great filet knife. I can break down a deer with a great filet knife fat enough to scare folks.

I realize most of mine are kitchen related because I like to cook but I am sure we can get a pretty awesome list going.

From: bad karma
Thermoworks digital alarm thermometer. For cooking turkeys, or quarters, it guarantees perfection. Not expensive, but so much better than the mechanical devices that there is not comparison.

1. Cast iron skillet. The ability to heat a pan up to several hundred degrees before adding any oil allows a different kind of cooking and searing. And you don't have to clean it afterwards. Just fry your eggs and venison sausage in it the next day and the leftover grease from your backstrap steak dinner just adds to the flavor.

2. Contractor bags. Meat, once cooled, placed in 2 contractor bags sealed with zip ties while still inside game bags, allows you to submerge the meat in water and preserve it for days. On Kodiak this year, we had the bulk of the meat in camp in August for 6 days and kept some (after the meat haul) for a total of 9 and it was fine in the water. Our cheese and salami was fine the entire 11 days in the water. I've kept meat in the September elk mountains for 4 days in a shady area in moving water. Sealed with zip ties in the water with the tops propped up, I've never lost any meat to bears and I've done it a 1/2 dozen times with game meat and more than a dozen times with camp food. On Kodiak, I made a submerged rock island several yards out in the lake to suspend the bag and attached a PFD I brought specifically for the meat bag to the top and zip tied the top of the bag to it to keep the water out. Zip tie the top of the bag in an "S" like pattern and it keeps any water that gets in the top from leaking in. Worked great.

3. Stubb's dry meat rub. Just try it on your next camp meat. Sprinkle on meat, fry in olive oil and/or butter. You can also sprinkle it on diced potatoes and fry in butter. It's amazing.

From: Bowriter
1-Great knife selection-quality knives 2-Vacuum packer 3- Huge collection of cast iron cookware 4- 60+ years of experience caring for and cooking wild game.

From: elk yinzer
1) modern refrigeration 2) experience 3) garlic

From: brooktrout59
Agree with Sage Buffalo on Kitchen Aid grinder and also cannot do without my crockpot and Havalon knife and saw. Got my Sous Vide on order. Think this will revolutionize game preparation and cooking!

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