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From: LKH
If you think you need something answered by Montana's FWP, don't delay. 15th is the app deadline.

I sent the following on the 6th. :Can one possess both an antlerless elk permit and an elk B license?

On the 7th you sent the following: Thank you for contacting the Licensing Bureau of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. We have received your message and strive to respond as quickly as possible, but during peak times, it may take 1-2 business days to get back to you. On the 9th I sent: It must be really busy.

Well, it's about 11 am on the 11th and after an hour on the phone listening to how busy you are I got my answer.

Have a nice day

Typical Montana fish wildlife fashion. I would expect no more... And certainly no less

From: LKH
Well, there's a bit of an upside to it. After going to Lewistown and buying all my licenses I came home and had a message on the house phone. A woman called and said she had been given my emails by the director who told her to take care of it. She answered my question in detail.

I found it encouraging that the director was keeping track of what's going on.

From: Timbrhuntr
I have only been dealing with the Montana DNR for a couple years and thought they didn't have much care for hunters as it was like you inconveniencing them . Even had one guy hang up on me couldn't believe. I figured they just don't like nonres hunters. I have dealt with DNR offices in probably 20 different states and by far Montana was the worst. But this spring I noticed a difference and its like they really try tried to help even though they couldn't ! Maybe they are getting some accountability who knows.

From: shedhorn
I've dealt often with the Montana FWP for several years and never had anything but a wonderful experience. Two examples, went in to get my son set up for waterfowl season. He didn't need as many things as I did because he was 14. I wasn't sure so went in to do it. The woman that helped us gave us everything we thought we needed. Two days later I got another piece of paper in the mail (state waterfowl I think). She had not thought we needed it but followed up to be sure and mailed it to us when she realized it was needed. Would have been easy for her to just let it go. Then last year I put in for the wrong area for a moose permit. I put in for an antlerless only in an area where I could have been drawn and would use up all of my points. Thinking there was probably nothing that could be done I called and asked anyway. It was changed for me the next day.

I'm the first one to complain about government bureaucracy but Montana FWP has never been anything but exemplary for me.

From: Mule Power
Thay could sure learn some lessons from Wyoming

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