Double Daylight Saving Time?
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From: LKH
Well, couldn't seem to find agreement on Daylight Saving Time so what do you think about doubling it to 2 hours? I love to sleep in and this way I could still get up at dawn. For a good part of the year I could go to bed at sunset and still be near normal hours.

It's a chore to get up at dawn, something I do so I can watch all the critters get going, and 2 hours would make it a lot easier on my old bones.

I wish I could post this anonymously.

From: LINK
Lol, too bad we can’t change the time twice daily so that I can sleep in but then when I stay up late it would barely be dark.

From: elk yinzer
Kind of lost in the whole thought process is the geographic effect of the time zones. For instance Boston and Indianapolis are both in the Eastern Time Zone but over an hour apart in sun time. In Boston on the equinox it gets dark approx 4:30 PM, while several hundred miles West in Indy it doesn't get dark until 5:45ish on the same day, both EST. Those early sunsets are where the disdain for standard time come from, for people that work 9-5ish, it is brutal to leave work and it be pitch dark. It makes much more sense for the Eastern extermes of time zones to discard standard time and just keep daylight savings year round.

From: DoorKnob
If gawd had intended for man to see the sun rise he wouldn't have schedued it so early in the day!

From: Ken
2 hour time change would be like jet lag without leaving home.

Plus there was that lady in California that said the extra hour of sunlight caused by daylight savings time was contributing to the drought. A 2 hour change would really send her over the edge.

From: oldgoat
Double would mean plural, so it could be Daylight Saving ('s) Time after all! That'll set the Correction Police on there ears! And yeah, I used the wrong "there" on porpoise!

The problem is work just gets in the way of life.....

From: Woods Walker
I love the time change, especially the one in October. It confuses the deer and makes them easier to kill. That's why most of the bucks are killed right after the time change every year.

You'd think after all these years they'd figure out that they need to change their clocks too!

From: the_runner
Elk- you nailed it. I grew up hunting in the eastern edge of the CST zone. When I was in college We would drive to Nebraska to bowhunt. Imagine my surprise when I was able to sleep an hour later and still set up before sunrise.

Conversely, I now live on the western edge of EST zone which works out as well. That said- EST sucks and I haven’t seen the end of a MNF game in 3 years- haha.

From: Wapitidung
Works for me.

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