Interview with Frank Noska
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From: Bowboy
Yep, he's a very successful Bowhunter. I'd like to me him one day in person.

Also one of the most humble gentlemen there is in the game, Frank a good friend and a unbelievable hunter, To be able to be alone in the wilderness under the conditions that frank does it is next to none. Truly deserves all the credit he gets, Frank was one of the guys I would talk to regularly when me and him were completing our superslams, hes a wealth of knowledge also.

Cool interview. Frank's had some incredible success and taken a lot of amazing animals, that's for sure.

Pat, regarding grizzlies in AK, I don't see bear hunting ever being banned. Hunting is a way of life up here. Everyone does it or their relatives do. And AK doesn't have the Seattle-effect that BC does.

From: Medicinemann
A very enjoyable interview of a real good guy. First met Frank when we hunted Muskox together back in 2003, and it is always great to catch up with him at the conventions.....

From: Shug
Been waiting for this for a long time thanks Pat and Frank!!

From: Bou'bound
Exceptional feature

From: Kurt
Thanks to Pat and Frank for putting this together. Really interesting!

Those Wasilla boys have more P&Y critters than any other group of hunters in existence that I know of....Frank, Bob, Roy, Jonah, etc!

From: Kurt
If you want to include all of Alaska, then Jack and Nick definitely get into the club! (don't think they are Wasilla guys)

If you noticed every picture of Frank with his animals he was smiling. Every time I have seen Frank at P&Y Conventions or while hunting he is smiling. Such a positive spirit! Continued success sir. It doesn't get any better and we thank you for sharing your story.

PS: Guys, come to the next P&Y Convention and meet Frank and others like him. Good stuff. C

From: Halibutman
Frank is a seriously good dude. It's crazy how nice he is. His humility is not being exaggerated.

I met Frank a long way from anywhere one autumn. He had dinner with me and my parents in what passed for a "cafe". It was certainly a dinner I won't soon forget. No idea what was served at the table as far as food goes, just lots of "fishing stories" that can't help but be re-told.

Cheers to more adventures Francisco!

From: Buffalo1
Pat thanks for conducting this interview and Frank thanks for sharing your experiences.

Very educational and interesting responses to a wide range of questions.

Thoughly enjoyed.

From: midwest
Amazing bowhunting career!

From: t-roy
Seems to be an extremely humble and down to earth guy that really enjoys life to it’s fullest. Sure made a great choice career wise!

From: Paul@thefort
Any bow hunter, especially one over 50 years, that is saying "yes sir", has my appreciation and respect. Nicely done Frank and Pat. my best, Paul

From: Tyler
Got the pleasure to meet and hunt with Frank in 2015. Such a great hunter and humble guy. A week I won't soon forget. Great interview!

From: Nick Muche
Frank is one hell of a bowhunter and also one hell of a guy, one that I truly look up to. Fortunate to have been able to hunt with him and also blessed to call him a friend. Best of luck in 2018 Frank!

From: Fuzz
Wow! Very impressive. I can relate to the solo hunting aspect. I enjoy hunting with friends but also enjoy the solo hunts just as much, if not more.

From: njbuck
Pat, thank you for another great interview. Frank, congrats to an amazing hunting career and all your accomplishments and best of luck in the future. WOW, 145 pope and young animals!!!! To be completely honest though, what impressed me even more was that through out the interview Frank answered "yes sir", something that unfortunately is lost in this day and age.

Pat- in the future, how about interviews with Jack Frost and Tom Hoffman!

My time spent with Frank has been awesome. Truly a good man! And a good woman keeps him in line. She has needed bear spray to do so however.

From: Genesis
Well deserved feature,Kudos to Kid.

From: Treeline
Great interview with a great guy! I keep trying to get him to take up a longbow for his next Super Slam :) Maybe for #3?

From: Mad Trapper
Outstanding hunter and ambassador for hunting and a really nice guy to boot.

From: mtnjim
Modern day Chuck Adams huh? Awesome...:-)

From: glunker
Like his attitude and how humble he is. Would like to meet him. Without trying to be disrespectful and just an observation, it is hard not to think of the differences between him and Jay Massey. I guess that is what makes the world go around. Bowhunting is/was lucky to have both of them.

Great interview !!

From: Treeline
My boy and I spent some time with Frank a few years ago. He took us out and dropped us on a river for some wilderness fishing.

Awesome experience for sure - even including the bears that ate our tent and tore up all our stuff!

I just forwarded this one on to my son. Hope he pays attention - great lessons in that interview for a young man just getting started out.

From: Kdog
Enjoyed the interview, thank you. You can tell he has a real passion for bow hunting. He does it because he loves it. Bet he is the type of person that would be successful at anything he set his mind to. One thing I am curious about, what does he do with all the animals?

From: Mark Watkins
I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Frank a couple years ago.

Three words describe him.

The real deal!

Thanks for sharing your insight with our Bowsite community Frank!


From: JSW
Great interview with a couple of great guys. Thanks Pat.

From: trackman
It help; s if your unmarried $$$

From: Owl
Statistically speaking, it does not help monetarily to be unmarried. It other respects, probably so.:)

Frank seems like an earnest, humble fellow. Really enjoyed the comments "framing" his outlook on the way he hunts.

From: jdee
Impressed ! Thanks

From: T Mac
Great interview! Frank is a fine ambassador for the sport of bowhunting. I really appreciate his K.I.S.S. principle when it comes to equipment.

Great interview

From: XMan
Until hearing those recordings, I didn't think such a person existed on this planet! Wowsa, he's a humble man and obviously one heck of a hunter!

From: buzz mc
I listened to the interview last night. What a pleasantly humble person he sounds to be. Makes me realize I spend way too much time on the computer and I need to get out and "tip something over".

Very nice and a humble guy for sure.

Great interview Frank and Pat!

From: KY EyeBow
I enjoyed the interview. Great story for sure!

From: TheDream
Thanks Frank and Pat for the interview!

From: jdee
Pat asked ....what bh do you use and Frank said next time there is a 10 page thread on why you shouldn’t use Rage bh’s Im going to bring that up. Hell, I might even go buy a pack of them.

From: Bob
Really enjoyed the interview, thanks.

From: TrapperKayak
That was well worth the time listening, and incredible how many animals he's taken. If you live for hunting which is what he does, this is possible. No marriage, no commitments and taking care of the career end of things to allow such a lifestyle. Very rare dedication for sure. Paying spades.

From: JM

JM's embedded Photo
Mountain Caribou 2002
JM's embedded Photo
Mountain Caribou 2002
I think I first met Frank at the bow shop in Nacogdoches TX way back in 1985 when we were going to school at Stephen F Austin State University. We have hunted together many times since then in Texas, Kansas, Mexico, NWT, Newfoundland, and Alaska. One thing I can tell you is that he will likely be the first one hunting and the last one back to camp; there is just no quit in him. I am planning for my last animal in my Super Slam to be a Sitka Blacktail and hopefully Frank will be there when I finally get it done!


From: TD
Great interview. Inspiring. Seems like a seriously good guy.

I'm guessing the "yes sir" was from the TX part of him...... =D Pretty cool.

From: APauls
You have to love it even more when a successful person also happens to be genuine and an all around good guy.

Thanks for sniping these awesome interviews for us Pat. So many people I'd love to meet from bowsite and elsewhere and these interviews help get us to know some of those people.

From: Trial153
I enjoyed the interview. Seems like a stand guy for sure. Self deprecation is a commodity in short supply in this day an age.

Full disclosure, Frank and I are friends, in fact we're partners on a couple, two or three, real estate deals. I wouldn't want young Frank hunting me.

Frank is a great hunter, a good man, and a great ambassador to the sport. He would be successful at anything he put his mind to.

From: Curt Wells
I have to echo these comments about Frank, who I just assigned a mountain goat article to (he has taken ten of them with a bow). We all have egos (I deal with lots of them) but some have better control of their ego than others. Frank is as ego-free as anyone I've met. Considering his amazing accomplishments with a bow and arrows, that is an even greater virtue than it would be for most of us. I too, am proud to call him a friend.

It is pretty amazing what the guy has done, just flying a bush plane into all those areas solo is crazy enough and never having a major crash, never mind going out and shooting all these record book animals. I like to see the number of Poper and Booner animals too, just some fun facts that help frame the accomplishment. Killing a boatload of animals just for meat with no pursuit of mature animals is perfectly respectable but it just wouldn't be nearly as difficult or impressive to do. (Even though the whole hunting for meat and I don't care what it scores seems to be the current, latest greatest social media trend, instagram and podcasts especially. They will never even mention score or a record book animal, like it's shameful, kinda wierd what it's become.)

From: DGW
Great interview Pat and Frank. Frank is a very talented person.

From: goelk
yes living a dream! Taste life, no one can taste it for you! Life only comes around once! Nice to know you now Frank and shoot straight and fly high!

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