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I recently have been regretting not taking a journal to document the different hunts that I've been on. So far my google searches have only brought up pleather(plastic leather) options. I'm looking for recommendations for a nice leather bound option that's possibly customizable but if not that's ok as well. Let me know what you got and share where you picked it up!

From: TreeWalker
Try Amazon. I can find leather-bound journals there. I keep a hunting journal but is had-sided rather than leather and I keep it dray by placing it inside a gallon ziplock bag with a non-smearing pen while on hunts.

Of all the places I haven't looked it would be amazon. Thanks for the ziplock and pen tip!

From: Shawn
Wow, you have a computer obviously, so just do a google search for Leather Bound Journal and you will get a ton oh hits. Some very nice ones starting at 45 bucks and they will engrave them for you as well. Shawn

From: Jaquomo
Just type "leather bound" into Google and see what comes up! ;-)

From: lewis
Bound in leather on google hmm the possibilities Lewis

From: Paul@thefort

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I think back to all of the years I have been bow hunting and wish I had kept a journal but I did not. I started a few but then lost interest.

Last year while bow hunting in the Flat Top Wilderness Area for 25 days solo, I kept a daily if not hourly written word of what I was doing and seeing. It took a lot of work but now when I look back on that trip, and read the words, it was well worth the time and effort. Should have started doing a Journal years ago. Good luck with your. my best, Paul

Paul,,,, I hope you continue to share your hunts on line, like you have been.... My doctors news today, told me, my solo hunts are more than likely done, I owe that to my family, but they are sure, things will be fine, and I can still hunt, just not like I use too

From: Shug
I kept a journal the first 4/5 years I hunted ... them my brother got his hands on it and all I would ever hear at dinner was.... whoops... Missed again!!

From: molsonarcher
I got mine from Amazon. Less than 20$, and worth every penny. This was my first year keeping one, and I wish I had done it sooner.

From: Fields
I kept a journal for the last 25 years. didn't matter if it was a quick hunt, with nothing seen, a shed hunt, turkey hunt, how many fish I caught or an entire story. It has the date, where I was and what I saw. I remember often not wanting to keep up with it, but now that I have it this far, I am glad I did it... Unreal to look back and see all the time I wasted on stand while not seeing any deer... almost depressing. LOL...

Check with Ron Burgandy. I believe he has many

From: Nick Muche
Lots of mahogany too.

Im Ron Burgandy?

From: EIStone
My buddy owns DWF Leather Artistry and makes custom leather goods, arm guards, quiver's, moccassins, etc. and also bible and book covers, I'm sure he could come up with something for you. Washington, Pa. 724-747-2032

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From: Zim

Zim's Link

From: Sling Shot
I try to journal all my hunts. Sometimes I do better than others. My rule of thumb is to make at least one entry every day/night. They are fun to read. I saw a passage a few weeks ago from a hunt I took about 15 years ago.I was thumbing through the journal when I was cleaning my hunting room up a bit. I was with a 68 year old gentlemen and his son one night in the tent after a stressful day in the rain on a moose hunt in Alberta. The memorable line I wrote down this particular night still makes me laugh. Father said to son "I can't believe you did that, you are such a blooming idiot, you would have thought I jerked off in a flower pot"

Thanks for all the replies. I was looking for a hunting specific journal with pages that would contain line items pertinent to hunting info. I found exactly what I was looking for at http://www.hunterhillsjournal.com/

I hope to one day look back on these journals and be able to relive the hunts I'm no longer capable of doing.

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From: Daff
Try Rogue journals Nick makes custom leather bound journals. You can choose a variety of paper types and grades.

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From: Duke
100% DIY. I make my own papyrus as my family travels to Africa (via birchbark canoe) annually to grab as much of the sedge as possible. Return trip home usually encompasses a stop in Spain to collect some of the finest calfskin for eventual cover of the annual log, of course it is bound with fine copper rivets we hand mine in Peru.

Ok, so I keep mine in Word and Excel as I transfer field notes from either handwritten or phone after the hunt. -My boys really enjoy them and my wife usually rolls her eyes. I love looking back at the logs with random photos inserted along with great quotes from the hunts.

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