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From: wyliecoyote
Liberal politicians at it again.....this bill would prohibit non-profit private entities (RMEF, NRA, etc.) from auctioning off rifles at their events. Calif. Bowmen Hunters (CBH) legal rep met with the bills author and explained that these events are raising money for wildlife conservation and other charitable goals....and that auction winners have to go through the exact same scrutiny and waiting period, etc to get the gun they won as the general public does to buy the same rifle at the local gun store under current law. Who votes for these guys??

I see in San Francisco, no more selling of furs,,,,,,, glad the Asians and Russians are not that stupid,,,,

These localities like San Francisco with all their crazy local laws are turning into little de facto USSRs. And there's no check or balance to stop the tyranny of the majority.

From: Huntcell
San Fransico “little de facto USSRs. “

Hmmm the old CCCP And the new Putin version are not even close to San Fransicko

Gays ,lesbians and others of that crowd keep a very low profile in mother Russia. As they are not tolerated by the majority of the population. the police look the othe way when they get beat or harassed in public, if it’s not the police that are doing it. When I was at airports, train stations and bus stops, Negroes what few there was. Are constantly harassed (check their documents is the excuse ) by the cops . And there followed closely after that. Ruskies love their furs and leathers and hunter men. Why even the supreme commander Putin, is big into hunting . Does not sound like San Fransico to me.

The majority of San Fransicans would kiss the ground upon landing in the US of A after a stint in Russia.

Russia currently is not an example of socialism. Russia is back to being a dictatorship. Putin is the kind of son Stalin would have love to have.

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