How far out are you booked?
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From: caribou77
Just curious how far out you guys are planning trip. Ive diffinately learned over time that planning and anticipation is almost as fun the hunt itself. I'll be doing moose this fall in alberta, 2019 will be mule deer in Alberta and I'm currently working on a 2021 yukon hunt.

From: Alphamax35
Way northern BC in 2018 for moose. Considering 2019 for mule deer or elk then 2020 for Yukon moose.

From: APauls
Next 4 years are usually laid out roughly

From: md5252
A year or two for each hunt. Beyond that it’s too far away to get my head around..

Started with a 13 yr. Rough plan. (That was 6 yrs ago). Still on a general plan with a lot of good hunts coming in the next several years. Need to be flexible and have contingency plans. This fall I'm hoping for Colorado mule deer. If not. Arizona mulie hunt. 62% draw odds of getting 1 of these 2 hunts. If not then a otc Colorado elk bow hunt.

Banking points everywhere else this yr.

From: Shawn
I really only care about hunting whitetail, so usually a year ahead of time. Iowa next year, and Kansas this year and Nebraska is always on my list cause I don't have to draw or have points. Shawn

From: Scoot
I usually have a plan of attack for the current year and the following year. However I don't do guided hunts so my plan and the way the drawings work out front always coincide perfectly. I've always got multiple plan B's to fall back on (although they are getting tougher).

From: Nick Muche
Everything I seem to plan for more than a year out gets the axe from Uncle Sam, but I continue to have a 3 year plan pretty well in place and if it has to change then the only downside is that my personal goals get delayed. So I am not losing much in the grand scheme of things, I can put my aspirations on hold for the time being and make them up later on in life. Planning for the current year is typically pretty simple barring anything short notice work related, '18 is looking like another year of great hunting adventures.

From: DonVathome
Always if you want to plan for this year I currently have given up drawing a good moose tag in Alaska I’m trying to plan a trip five years away with a transporter and even that is proving difficult!

From: T.O
I am always book at least 4 years out it just makes it easer to plain the hunts.


From: Brotsky
I'm always at the mercy of the draws. I'm getting better at planning ahead though so that I have enough points banked to where I can start realistically hunting elk 2 out of 3 years on draw tags. NM is always the white whale I chase that never seems to surface for me. Starting to look at some other more off the wall type things as well to chase as "adventure" type hunts. I'm not getting any younger, really looking forward to doing some of these hunts and then as I learn more bringing my daughter with me when she is able!

From: kota-man
Usually three years out. However, for the first time in a LONG time only '18 and '19 are booked. Nothing for '20...yet.

From: TEmbry
I don’t really do guided hunts so planning really far out isn’t necessary or even possible in many cases. I usually have a very specific plan that I keep for a rolling year out. I’ll be in the field 50+ days this fall so I’m too busy then to plan anything else. All winter trips will kind of need to be locked in by July or it’ll be too late when the time comes.

CO Mule Deer, ID Mule Deer, and ID Mtn lion are the 3 trips south for the year. Plane tickets booked already and details of trips ironed out. The rest is in state and also have a detailed plan laid out

AK drop Caribou this year and KY whitetail then the usual MT and AZ sheep donations. Would like to get a Musk Ox or Bison one year??

From: Buffalo1
1-1.5 yrs. in advance, unless I run upon a "good deal."

From: MathewsMan
My personal hunting goals and ambitions get side tracked due to Guiding schedules and Draws. Hopefully not at the same time for my sake...

I like Nick's outlook about not getting too worked up about changes in plans and having later on to do them.

Generally two seasons for the core hunts.

I'm planned to about next week... (no "booking" here)

From: JTreeman
I like to do one year at a time. My little brain can’t get that far ahead! This year is absolutely crazy, don’t think I’ll be home more than 8 consecutive weeks all year! But next year I don’t have a single thing officially set yet.

I’ve planned 2-3 years out before, but I find that when I do that I have to skip some stuff that comes up I would love to do. It’s a balancing act.


year and a half with contingencies for not drawing tags.

From: buzz mc
I try to take it one year at a time. If it doesn't involve a draw tag, I'll sometimes even change my mind one month ahead of the hunt.

From: Trial153
Just started booking 2020. Not to mention fitting in any tags I might draw.

From: Ambush
The only plan set in stone is that I will be hunting something, somewhere. Spring bear camp is "planned" with some dates picked. Caribou in early September, and go back again in a few weeks, if I have the same results as the last six trips. With about ten species tags in my pocket (for home province) I don't plan much, just go with it.

The only thing I don't put off is procrastinating.

From: caribou77
Rob, I'm jealous to say the least. You live in a hunters paradise! Hope to make it up that way soon.

From: Ron Niziolek
I usually plan about a year out, but everything changes depending on draw results. No guided hunts so a flexible schedule is the way to go for me.

From: x-man
With my schedule, I'm lucky to plan more than a half-day out. Haven't been out of state since before the kids were born 20 years ago.

From: nmwapiti
Waiting for the draw results to firm up this fall. Just dreaming about possibilities for next year. No guided and minimal fly-in stuff for me. Should I ever find the money and pull the trigger on a dall hunt, I'll have to plan a few years out.

2 years, like others have said, I really like the prep and anticipation.

Planning on buying an Iowa point this spring which is the first time for me in the point game. Planning has never been past the coming fall for me.

From: 76aggie
I generally start three years out. Sometimes, it is hard to get the commercial airlines to book a long way out as well as localized air taxis. ie: I cannot book my air taxi in AK for a Sept 2019 hunt until Oct of 2018. I try to do everything I can to chisel in stone everything I can. Much less hassle as the hunt actually approaches. This also give me more time to properly allocate funds for the trips.

Usually 2 years, but a few have been 3 depending on the hunt.

From: Ole Coyote
I am always ready to go so I never really plan ahead I just llok for a deal like a cancelled hunt and then off I go! THe fun par is not knowing what will turn up this makes for Christmas most years so tospeak. I am retired so I can go anywhere anytime !

From: pahoyt
Spring bear in Manitoba 2018 Whitetail Ohio 2018 Idaho mule deer 2019 Alaska grizzly and caribou 2020

From: Rob in VT
I have a 5 year roadmap. Of course the rubber meets the road only when you actually draw the tag.

This year Colorado elk. '19 or '20 Wyoming or Montana for elk. If it's decided that '20 would be better for Wyoming or Montana elk by my host, then I'm going to do a mule deer/ otc elk hunt in CO again in '19, since I should draw the mule deer tag then. Sometime around '22 or '23 I plan on going to Kodiak after some black tails. God Bless men.

From: Rackmastr
I'm lucky living in BC and having so many friends and family in Alberta that I am constantly planning a few hunts for the coming years... A few of the 'highlights' that I have coming up: -Jetboat Stone sheep hunt up the Muskwa River 2018 (backup bighorn hunt if river level is too hard for access - Archery goat hunt 2018 if I can draw a local tag - Archery MD in Alberta 2018, with possibility that wife draws rifle tag in same area - Fly in moose/caribou/goat in northern BC in 2019 - Wyoming antelope (11 points and 3 points between my wife and I) next few years

Too many options upcoming!! Gotta love the planning and preparation though!

From: Bou'bound
If you are not a couple years out with an outfitter they is probably a reason he has openings near term. Particularly if it is a personalized outfit with limited tags to allocate. Good dates with he best outfitters don’t stay open long

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