Colorado Xtends Application Period 1Day!
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cnelk 01-Apr-18
cnelk 01-Apr-18
Ermine 01-Apr-18
Turk 01-Apr-18
Jaquomo 01-Apr-18
LKH 02-Apr-18
Brotsky 02-Apr-18
oldgoat 02-Apr-18
timbo 03-Apr-18
From: cnelk
The Colorado Parks & Wildlife has extended the application period 1 one day!

Apps due - Midnight April 4th!

From: cnelk
Happy April Fools :)


From: Ermine
They actually extended the deadline to June I heard. So everyone can wait until may or June to do their applications

From: Turk
Lol Ermine!

From: Jaquomo
I got an email today from them saying they were awarding me a moose tag for my home unit as a "Lifetime Perseverance Award"!

From: LKH
I got mine done way, way in advance for me. Friday!!!

From: Brotsky
LOL LKH, me too! I usually do it the day of!

From: oldgoat
I waited till the day of one time waiting for out of state buddy to act, got busy that last day and got sidetracked and forgot about it, didn't get a point that year. Now I get er done within a day or so of opening for applications!

From: timbo
Checked out the new Colorado software to buy a license on Friday evening. Sure enough, I locked up the new CPW software. I called the unreachable overwhelmed contact number and after the 50th attempt, I drove 10 miles to the Denver CPW office. After several demonstrating my problem to CPW game wardens, a knowledgable CPW person reset my account and I was able to put in for tags. Maybe I should have READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO APPLY FOR TAGS!!!! and saved myself the spike in blood pressure?

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