Possible to delete a post?
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David A. 01-Apr-18
Turk 01-Apr-18
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wildwilderness 02-Apr-18
BULELK1 02-Apr-18
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From: David A.
Is it possible to delete my reply in an existing thread? If so, how? Second question, how to contact the moderator? Thx.

From: Turk
Yes, go to the post and look on the right side for "edit". Hit on it and delet your reply.

From: Paul@thefort

Looks like Paul deleted his post :)


From: midwest

From: smarba
To contact Pat the moderator just start a thread "Pat is the biggest blankety blank" and I'm sure he'll contact you shortly LOL

From: Huntcell
Is there an App that deletes posting for you on Internet forums, like say 30 days after entry?

From: Z Barebow
I know starting a thread “Best Conceal Carry Pistol” is an easy way to get comments deleted.

From: David A.
Hilarious. Well, the problem was my screen was to small to see the "edit". I need a 31" monitor for all the windows I have usually have going. Thx. for the replies.

From: K Cummings
David A:

If you’re talking about the one you made over on the Leatherwall that got the entire thread closed, unfortunately you can’t edit posts over there. Here you can, but over there, once it’s posted, it’s permanent unless the moderator closes the entire thread.

As to getting in touch with the moderator over there (Phil Magistro), that’s a little more difficult as his PM’s haven’t been working for quite some time now. I’m pretty sure he can receive them but he can’t respond.

You can always start a thread with your question, but if it’s about the reason a thread got closed, that will be closed too.


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