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If you get a chance, buy this dvd, which I got from a friend. Man it was the best film I have seen for many years. Reminded me of me, and my friends, and all the fun we had since I started bowhunting in 1972..........

Love the deer pushes, we use to do them all the time, now I am the last of my old gang,,,,, Todays modern bowhunter, see you shooting a running deer, they would act like they were gut shot.

Only issue I have, with the video, is he gave away our apple cider spray trick, we call it deer cider spray,,, ha ha................

This video shows how hunting should be,,,,, FUN

From: APauls
I'm mid way through the 2nd dvd as we speak :) It's funny cause if this DVD was made by just any youtuber I wouldn't care about all the "non hunting or just random" stuff, but since it's the Wensel's I'm hanging onto every word and trying to get into Barry's head throughout the whole thing lol.

From: M.Pauls
Yup fantastic set, highly recommended

From: stagetek
It's an excellent dvd. I've watched it twice already. Complete respect for the sport and the game hunted, from start to finish.

From: Barry Wensel
Thanks for the nice reviews guys. It took a condensed four hours to cover fifty years of bowhunting highlights. $20. isn't bad for fifty years of memories. Before anyone asks, yes, you can order it via our website and yes, I'm a sponsor here. This DVD set was meant to be entertaining with a sprinkling of tips. You'll be pleased to know, as far as the getting into my head thing, I'm well into two more new DVDs. One will be " Proven Strategies and Techniques for Fully Mature Trophy Whitetails" and a second one called, "Charting the Whitetail Rut". Although these two new productions might have some entertainment included they will mostly be instructional "how I hunt" techniques. Depending on others schedules, hopefully they'll be done by late summer. Stay tuned and thanks. BW

From: Hawkeye
Can't wait to watch the DVD and sign me up for the other two! Thanks for taking the time to do this:)

From: APauls
Awesome Barry! I’m buying!

From: Whip
I wholeheartedly agree - Barry's CHC is a treasure trove of bowhunting history and entertainment. It should be a part of every whitetail fanatics collection.

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