Classified Ad Issues- Attention /Help!
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Buffalo1 07-Apr-18
OkieJ 07-Apr-18
drycreek 07-Apr-18
From: Buffalo1
I have attempted to delete 2 classifieds ads I posted. I continue to get the following message:

"We can not complete this request, either you are not currently registered or your registration does not match the one on this AD."

Can somebody at mission control please this problem. I know I'm logged on BS and registration should not be a problem. Thanks for your help.

From: OkieJ
Some guys on leatherwall saying they have the same problem.

From: drycreek
My problem was I kept getting an error when I tried to post my excellent, hardly ever used, immaculate, wonderful Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro rest. Did I mention it was a bargain ? :-)

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