Prayers for Oklahoma
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From: t-roy
I just got done speaking this afternoon, with my buddy in NW Oklahoma. The wildfires in that part of the state have been devastating, and are still not contained. They came within a couple of miles of his house last night, but fortunately, the winds shifted and pushed the fires another direction. His family as well as lots of other people are still in harms way. There is a chance of some rain late in the week, so hopefully the area will get some soaking rain. They are in the midst of a historic drought, with almost 0 rainfall since October, so things are like a tinderbox.

Asking for prayers for the people affected in the areas, as well as all of the firefighters and other personnel that are working tirelessly to contain these fires.

From: Brotsky
Prayers sent T-roy! Wildlands firefighters have my total respect, those guys do a tough and thankless job. Hopefully Ma nature gives all the folks in OK a little help.

From: DoorKnob
Too bad they didn't get the 3 feet of snow we got so far this april ... or half

Prayers sent. I know that feeling and it’s no fun. Hunt

From: Jaquomo
Yes, I've been there too. Watching the wall of fire heading our way. I know it's nature doing her job but when people are in the way it's devastating. Best wishes and prayers.

From: Mark Watkins
Prayers sent!

Embry Rick, you and your family OK?


We are good, Mark, we are in the NE, near Tulsa.

T-roy... man they do need all the prayers (rain too) and hope that this fire diminishes. It's burning ground, killing cattle and wildlife the same. Some of my good friends in bowhunting, live up there. Sad to see.

From: t-roy
For sure, Rick! The eastern half of the state is almost too wet, and the other half is parched. There have been a couple of fire related deaths, some injuries, and some close calls. A guy that I knew when I lived there, was trying to keep his house hosed down on Monday or Tuesday. The winds switched and he got trapped and couldn’t leave. He ended up laying on the ground in his front yard, spraying the hose over himself as the fire went through, quickly. Thankfully, not much fuel in his front yard and his house survived. He had a little smoke inhalation, but otherwise ok.

From: OkieJ
Men we are paying the price up here and thanks for any prayers . We have lost homes and a couple lives here. Several firefighters burned. Pray for rain.

From: arky
Praying for rain! I know my folks in west Arkansas wouldn’t mind pushing some there way. Seems like they’re getting a bunch already.

From: TrapperKayak
Praying you get the rain and reprieve from this situation!

From: SoDakSooner
There is a chance of some precip out west this weekend. Crazy stuff. Prayers from NE oklahoma. The wind is finally supposed to die down as well, so that will help.

Prayers sent. Can't imagine laying on the ground and spraying down with a hose as the fire went through.

nice people down there, wish I could send them some of our snow,,,,, man that area burns a lot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I was a forest fire fighter, in my 20's, that is tough work,,,,, stay safe

From: Ermine
Got a feeling it’s gonna be a long summer. Colorado and New Mexico are in for some above normal wildfire season this summer if the predictions are right

From: Jasper
Prayers sent!

From: Marty
Darn, prayers sent!

From: Hawkeye
Prayers sent buddy!!

From: Scoot
Prayers sent.

Troy... you're correct. Eastern third and where I hunt in SE, it's borderline swampy. Western third, as mentioned, is under an extreme drought.

Hopefully the rain, which is at 100% for Saturday, will bring a bit of relief out West/NW.

Prayers from my home here in Utah

Keep the faith

Good luck, Robb

From: SBH
Prayers sent. Thats crazy, fires are so far from my mind right now as we are still trying to get out of winter and deep snow packs. But they will be here in our neck of the woods soon too. Hope things get better and thanks for letting us know.

Thanks, guys, for your thoughts and prayers. Located 65 miles east of OKC. We have had many local fires this past winter/spring though nothing compared to the destruction in the panhandle. Folks say (locally) that many are arson which may be true. Have had nine burn within 5 miles of the house in the last month. Burn bans just not enforced or 'controlled' burns quickly get out of control. Downed power lines, butts, and just plain arson are huge issues. At my former residence in NY burning anything is pretty much banned and for good reason!

These fires are a scary ordeal. Our lease in Greer and Harmon counties have been dodging the bullet over the last two seasons. First last summer 3600 acres of which 80 was on our SE side burned. Then last week a huge fire came from the SW was stopped just across the road for our house/cabin. We lost one shooting house and about 100 acres. Little rain fall was recorded there with this last system that came through Friday/Saturday.

From: trkyslr
Prayers for Oklahoma and Quincy Troy... fires no bueno.

From: Buffalo1
How is the fire situation looking in OK now? I noticed in the paper the other day that MS was deploying firefighters to help in fighting OK wildfires.

From: t-roy
They got some, much needed, rain a few days ago, which helped tremendously, but the fire danger is still extremely high.

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