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From: Alabowma
Does it irritate anyone else when a “new episode” of a hunting show comes on and let’s say they are chasing the buck of the life time and they talk about the magic scent they used to kill it....they go to a commercial break and the guy is sitting behind the buck holding a bottle of the product before the hunt unfolds on the show that they are on break from?? Seems like they need to coordinate the show with the advertising....

From: Bou'bound

From: Ziek
No, it doesn't irritate me, since I don't watch "hunting" shows.

From: rallison
What^^^^^he said.

From: Stekewood

I stopped watching hunting shows a long time ago. I have also lost interest in hunting magazines to some degree. I remember when you could read a hunting story and get a flavor for the experience without getting bogged down with a long description of the brand of clothes bows arrows etc. Give me the old stories where the guy guesses right and makes a clean kill or tells how he guessed wrong.

From: Glunt@work
At one time I filmed and occasionally showed up on a hunting show or DVD. I haven't watched more than a couple minutes of one in several years.

I agree with green mountain,,,, hunting magazines, are not what they were, maybe for the millenials, but they hold no interest for me,,,, and when I was a teen in the 60's man they held your attention

I do like watching sheep shows though, hard to fake those

From: Nick Muche
I don't watch whitetail hunting shows, they are for the most part very boring and full of everything I hate about the hunting "industry".

From: Bou'bound
"I agree with green mountain,,,, hunting magazines, are not what they were, maybe for the millenials, but they hold no interest for me,,,, and when I was a teen in the 60's man they held your attention "

I just renewed Bowhunter Magazine last week for $8.00 for the year. I think if I would have continued to wait out their pleas for renewal a bit longer they would have offered me money to take it, but I felt bad for them so coughed up 8 bucks.

$0.80 cents per issue................. Hell the stamp costs half that.

From: Stekewood
I agree with Nick.

From: arky
Quit watching hunting shows on tv a few years ago. Actually I gave up Dish bc that was really all I had it for was the outdoor channel.

From: grubby
I no longer watch any of the shows you are talking about. I do watch some like Randy Newberg and some others that are similar. I understand the need for sponsors but most of the outdoor channel stuff is nothing more than a infomercial. I enjoy the Whitetail Adrenaline stuff. Hunting out of a mini van, looking like they just came from a job site and having fun.

From: elkstabber
It used to bother me, mostly because they must think that their viewers (including me) must be gullible morons with no common sense.

The cure for this is to only watch decent programs such as Western Hunter, Eastman's, and Team Elk. Other alternatives include Born and Raised Outdoors or Randy Newberg on Youtube. Of course, they still promote their sponsors' products - because they have to. These programs are definitely not jamming a product in your face. If they did, you can always change the channel, or better, just move on to the next Youtube video.

From: bigswivle
Get TiVo, fast forward

some of you here get it, some may not, but there is such a disconnect from the average whitetail hunter, than the anti septic TV show, that has been filmed,,,, just different worlds,,,,,, if I had to explain, than you do not get it

They are filming, they need to do it as fast, and as cheap as they can, in an area, that will get it done, quick,,,,,, I get that,,,,,,

some of the best film I have seen is You Tube, and I follow a young hunter is the wilds of the western UP, how he gets the shots he does, I will not know, but that I enjoy.....

watching Greg Ritz or lee and tiffany, I am sure nice people, but pass the popcorn, boring

From: StickFlicker
I wrote an article that will be featured in the August issue of Bowhunter. I tried to write it like the articles I used to love reading about hunts when I was young...and I didn't mention the brand name of a single product! Hopefully it will appeal to the few of you that still read hunting magazines.

From: LKH
Adds, adds, they have adds????? Have Direct TV. Record tons of stuff. High speed thru commercials, pitching changes, half-times, you name it. Love muley spot and stalk, never bother with bear, turkey, most sit in tree hunts. Stopped recording almost all African hunts. Why do I want to watch you shoot a baited (water) animal from your lounge? If it has Texas anywhere in the title I don't record.

From: Swampbuck
I quit watching them a long time ago. 5 minutes of yapping in the stand and 25 minutes of advertising killed it for me

I don't watch so called "hunting" TV so no it doesn't irritate me at all...

As it was said above.. Hunting show are very stupid. YouTube videos are still pure and fun for me to watch. Glad to see that many of you think the same as I do when it comes to the "industry". Man 99% of the shows out there make me want to Puke.

Canadian Whitetail is the only one I can stomach and that's because they actually offer up some good tips and things to think about while setting up,, and the whys of what we do.

From: ohiohunter
DVR so you can fast forward through all the GUFF ;)

FYI... outdoor edge is hands down the worst!

stick flicker,,,, the only reason I read bowhunter, is I like Eddie Claypool,,,, I also like Tony Peterson, pretty good writer,,,,,,,,,, I think Bowhunter does a good job, that has to be a tough business,,,,,,,, how they afford all those hunts, is beyond me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I like the DIY articles,,,,,,

From: Dyjack
Money talks. Ive heard they actually pay the network for time slots on a few of the channels.

"That rage smoked em! We better come back tomorrow morning to find it"

From: JRW
I stopped watching these infomercials years ago. Problem solved.

Nope,took the outdoor channel off my TV.too fake and too corny.just got a bugle magazine and the turkey federation magazine.there getting close to a sears catalog anymore.

Well yea, all outdoor programs pay for their air time. They contract annually and then solicit sponsors to help defer costs.

From: JLeMieux
I like the "realness" of a lot of the youtube series/shows. I still watch a handful of the shows on tv but wouldn't be able to stand it without dvr and fast forward.

From: Shawn
I watch YOUTUBE videos. There are some great ones out there. There is a kid from Iowa that does some very good videos and for a young guy gives some great tips. Shawn

From: Woods Walker
It's been close to 2 decades since I've watched a hunting show, or should I say a produced and edited version of a staged idea someone has of what a real hunt is.

From: bad karma
That's how they can put shows on the air. Some are good, some bad. I don't mind, I can ignore the repeated ads.

We all should know that more than one broadhead, bow, rifle, or binocular brand will work fine.

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