BaseMap vs OnXMaps?
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Dave 23-Apr-18
4blade 24-Apr-18
Casey 02-Jul-18
WapitiBob 02-Jul-18
From: Dave
Recently got an ad for BaseMap and checked it out. Anybody used it? How does it compare to OnXmaps? Seems to offer more features, including landowner layers for multiple states for only $30/yr whereas OnX is $30/state.

From: 4blade
I's like to know the same thing?

From: Casey
I've completely converted over to BaseMap. I can't believe they're charging $30 a year because they blow OnXmaps out of the water. The rendering time for offline maps alone is game changing. I tried creating an offline map for the same area in both applications to compare and BaseMap rendered the map in a couple seconds and it took OnXmaps several minutes. BaseMap's seemed to be much higher resolution too. I also found out there is a parcel information you can download for an extra 10 bucks. If you click on a particular unit it will ask you subscribe for it. The price covers every state, if you hunt different states like I do. I'm still playing with it, but hopefully that helps!

From: WapitiBob
I used the trial for a week. Imported some data and it locked up the web maps. Had to have them delete that data, twice. Haven't been back.

At the time, the import function added points along the path as well as distance data. OnX has done the same thing but didn't lock up the app. OnX has the ability to import a different format and that format did not add distance data.

I did not use Basemap on a phone to see how it worked.

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