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Buffalo1 25-Apr-18
Bou'bound 26-Apr-18
W8N4RUT 26-Apr-18
Buffalo1 26-Apr-18
From: Buffalo1
I just added an Elite Synergy Bow to classified ads. I attempted to delete two older ads, one for binos and the other for bow sight that have sold. I continue to get the following message when trying to delete the ads- "We can not complete this request, either you are not currently registered or your registration does not match the one on this AD."

What is going on? Can somebody at mission control please help me? Wondering if anyone else is have the same problem? Tks

From: Bou'bound
happens to me too on lots of stuff. kind of like the hotel can place an ad but it will never leave.

From: W8N4RUT
Same here

Yep.. happened to me on all previous ads. So I just left them up

From: Buffalo1
Guess it kinda like an expired parking meter- vehicle is occupying space, but time allowed to be in the space is over.

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