World Deer Expo in Alabama
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skinner creek 28-Apr-18
shane 28-Apr-18
Buffalo1 28-Apr-18
bonehead 29-Apr-18
Any of you attend? If so I would like to pick your brain a bit. I am thinking of possibly exhibiting there in the future. One of the few shows that would work with my schedule.

From: shane
I have gone to it a few times if my schedule permits. It is one of the better shows in the south.

From: Buffalo1
I’ve never been, but I have heard positive things about the show. Met the producer of the show on the plane coming back from South Africa. He was good conversation and invited me to attend the show. Didn’t mention anything about free tickets at “will call” booth !!

From: bonehead
I go most years. It is probably the largest in this area. Not sure how many of the visitors could spring for a bc hunt ,but I am sure some can. There are several African outfitters that are are there every year ,so they must be booking some hunts.It seems to be well run and they do advertise it quite a bit.

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