What type of Idiot does this ??
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From: JTV

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Some sick SOB in Oregon is shooting deer with field points for the fun of it ... is it a kid, an adult, an animal activist causing trouble ?? ..........Reward offered ....


From: scentman
God only knows... like the Duke said... "life is hard, it's even harder when your stupid".

From: Bou'bound
It’s a kid

From: Shawn
You never know, one good thing is they look none the worst for the wear. Some folks are just piain stupid!! Hopefully they get snagged and pulled through or maybe they dart them and remove them. Shawn

13 to 19 year old without any guidance or supervision and access to a bow.

From: PECO
Twisted little bastard whoever they are. I bet they kick puppies and kill kittens too.

Yup, probably some dumb kid.

From: Ucsdryder
Good on Oregon bowhunters for offering a reward.

From: elk yinzer
Most likely a teenager with a psychotic streak from a rural area, the culmination of years of crappy parenting and terrible judgement, mixed in with some swill alcohol and a spotlight.

From: Scoot
I would agree that some idiotic kid is a reasonable guess but I also want to point out that there's no shortage of adult idiots in this world too...

From: trublucolo
future school shooter

From: midwest
Of course, the answer would be to ban bows.

From: Owl
Probably those folks in the tire commercial that shoot a tire with the "razor sharp broadhead" that is clearly a field tip.

From: Shawn
Don't be so sure it is a kid, lots of older idiots out there too!! Shawn

From: Dooner
Could be two shooters, as there are two different arrows. If they are "kids" they are big enough to know better; If the arrows fit their bows, they have a long draw length. I bet they are just white trash, fairly young, without much decent parenting. Disgusting & puts us all in a bad light with the usual suspects.

From: Xbowdoctor95
It looks to me like it's photo shopped. And it's FOX Entertainment...... Not trying to pluck political strings, but if it's truly happening it's sick.... There were like 5 guys from my high school who got caught dragging deer behind snowmobiles.... Don't ask me how they roped em' but they were some twisted SOB's.

From: 7mm08
Somebody needs to drag them behind snowmobiles for a while. Sick bass-turds. If I were king, they would rot in jail for life. What kind of sicko drags an animal on purpose? Truly sick, twisted worthless waste of oxygen slime bags.

From: LBshooter
Buddy of mine was hunting public and had a spike walk in with an arrow stuck in the back of his head, he shot it and took it out of its misery. Not only dumb kids take head shots with arrows.

From: Fuzzy
A psychopathis type of idiot. Seriously, this person is going to be real trouble eventually. I hope he/she is apprehended, and gets institutionalized, and soon!

From: Inshart
Makes you wonder if it's an anti-hunter, looking for press time / ink.

From: scentman
The same type of idiot that would go out of his way to run over a turtle crossing the road... yea, that kind of idiot!

From: Hoyt59

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