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cnelk 08-May-18
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From: cnelk

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For those that are doing research for sheep, goat & moose harvests based on coordinates on the CPW site, see link.

There are 3 different units of measure listed - Easting/Northing - DegreesMinSec / Decimal Degrees

If a measurement is listed as Easting/Northing - 13 377423.00 4289549.00 - use the Standard UTM Conversion - enter the Zone 13 and the Easting & Northing measure - then hit convert.

The site will then convert the data to all 3 units of measure. Use the Decimal Degrees section and copy/paste that into Google Earth and fly right to that location.

If the unit of measure is listed as DMS - 39 30 51.41 106 7 18.70 - use the Degrees Minutes Seconds section.

If the unit of measure is listed like this '38.65952 106.34366' - be sure to enter it like this '38.65952, -106.34366' right into GE and fly to the location - no need to convert

I hope this is helpful

From: Surfbow
Very helpful, thank you!

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