Has anyone heard from TD in Hawaii?
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He's been posting all week.

From: TD
Hey Bob, thanks for the thoughts. We're good here. Different island. I did feel a few minor earthquakes here on Maui, but some folks I know were evacuated on the Big Isle due to the volcano. Mostly the gas..... it's a nasty mix of poisonous gas that comes out of the ground, not just lava.... Their home will be OK and are looking forward to being allowed to move back in soon. Had friends who lost their property in the Royal Gardens eruption years ago, that was a bad one. This one is not that bad, but plenty of folks lost their homes with this one too. So far.... ya never know. It ain't over yet. Like watching a slow motion forest fire that nobody can turn or put out.

I've been there for the lava flows. 20 years ago they let you go out and see it. I used to have a few rocks that I embedded quarters and dimes in when they were lava.... watched those rocks, helped those rocks literally be "born".... singed off my eyebrows, eyelashes and all the hair on my arms doing it too, from 6 or 8 feet away. The heat when you poke a hole in crust of the grey cooling lava front to let the molten lava flow out the hole you made is like a blast furnace.

Some moron tried to walk across the flow they thought had cooled enough, and died when he broke through the crust and was up to his waist in lava. Cooked him in less than a minute even after pulling him out.... Now they don't let anyone out, have guards and security out watching everywhere.

Bob.... you're honestly great folk. Thanks for the concern, very much appreciated. You and that Jenson family are awesome. Seriously good people. Give em all hug for me. Floods, hurricanes, winter blizzards..... yeah, volcanoes.... you never know when or where in the world they hit. Good to know somebody has you in their thoughts though. You Jenson's will always be in mine for sure.

From: t-roy
Good to hear you’re doing ok, Tom!

From: Mad Trapper
Glad to hear you are OK!

Thought “coach” had him in the penalty box. Glad all is well!

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