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CJC 09-May-18
Pyrannah 09-May-18
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From: CJC
I'm looking for clothing that is as good as Microtex was without breaking the bank. Since Bass Pro took over Cabelas and turned it into a Walmart I can't find good camo clothing anymore. Where do you guys go and find good clothing that doesn't break the bank? Thanks

From: Pyrannah
I buy used!

Can still find microtex really cheap if you are patient.

Microtex is great value

Good luck!

From: elk yinzer
Cabelas still has some good stuff online but is hit or miss in stores. I mostly don't waste my time going to retailers anymore. If retailers cannot afford to stock inventory they are ceding the only competitive advantage they have over e-commerce.

As far as finding "value" there is certainly opportunity out there. The major reputable brands definitely have some luxury pricing built into their business models. I pick and choose and do a lot of research to ensure when I do buy something pricier, I am paying for real performance and not marketing hype and brand coolness.

For specifics, I have a few pieces from the Russell Apx line, that was affordable stuff but not made anymore. I may be wrong but I believe King's camo bought that line out.

I like my predator polyester pants more than my sitka ascent that are twice as expensive. Polyester and fleece are good areas to save money. Little product differentiation with those simple fabrics.

Buy smart too...from now until season is the worst time to buy hunting gear. Wait until it goes on discount, hit up the pre Christmas sales and inventory clear out after Christmas.

From: APauls
Bought a pair of microtex pants new that had a cut in them for $8. Sewed it up and never wear them. Just don’t really like them. What size are you?

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