Hunting games for Windows 10?
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Too Many Bows Bob 12-May-18
Dyjack 12-May-18
I just had to get a new computer and all of my old games will no longer work on the Windows 10 system. I want some games that will just let you "hunt" and shoot. I don't want to walk for an hour before I see anything to shoot. If I'm going to do that. I'll just go do the real thing. Any suggestions?



From: Dyjack
The hunter classic the best hunting game I've ever played.. I don't even want to admit how much money I've put into that game. It's the most realistic game I've played. If it doesn't work on windows 10 with its own launcher then use Steam to download it

If you're after a more arcadey experience then the hunter: call of the wild is probably your best bet. (Made by the same people). And that Cabela's most recent game. Forgot the name.

But there's something fun as hell about chasing bighorns with a recurve whenever you want semi realistically on the classic version!

Feel free to PM me if you want any more info on them.

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