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From: milnrick
I've got a dumb question (or two) about Live (or semi live) Hunt Threads.

Are there any set rules about them, other than remembering to post the obligatory boot pics, or pics of the area (3, 9, 12 etc)?

The reason I ask is we're heading out to TSI with a few of our friends (plus a pair of first timers) in late June and I'm thinking it might be something worth doing.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, especially from the more experienced Live Hunt posters in CT.

Thanks everyone

From: StickFlicker
I'm no expert, but I think someone has to shoot something with droopy ears as well (might be tough on that hunt).

From: Bou'bound
They only work from Connecticut

Only thing for sure is Peekabou will be passive aggressively condescending......;^)

But seriously, don't think there's any set form to how it needs to be done. Obviously, nobody likes a cliffhanger where your left too long to know what happened next but I think for the most part, I'm almost like a junkie that will take any tidbit I can get from any hunt. Heavy detail on each scenario make it easier to picture in the mind but any live/semi live hunt I get to read or something I enjoy.

I would say don't let it be a burden to how much you enjoy your hunt. It's nice to get day to day updates as to how it's going on but a well thought out hunt recap is probably a little more enjoyable for the reader but also lets the writer enjoy their time in the woods while they're having it.

Good luck!!!

Well said, stick n string! I concur, that the best part of a semi-live hunt, is the conclusion...whether successful or not. Details of the area you're hunting, weather conditions, and sightings of animals on stand are all crucial aspects of bringing the readers along, and making them feel like they're right there with ya! But most of all, don't leave us hanging!! Have fun, and I look forward to following along!

From: Chemop
Just don’t pull a Boubond and quit posting about the outcome of the hunt

From: Rut Nut
............unless your lawyer tells you to! ;-)

You're not going to get any pointers on killing stuff from the CT guys.

From: sitO
Rick, I think you should start a thread...."How to post incredible live hunts"?

Step 1...go deer hunting step 2... go kill hogs

From: Jaquomo
I like to post two summaries a day, with photos to illustrate each "chapter". Not texting about every squirrel I see. Doing it as the hunt happens adds an element of realism and suspense that a semi-live "recap" doesn't.

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