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From: wild1

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Interesting news.

From: Nick Muche
That article isn't liberal/left/tree hugger leaning at all. My goodness...

From: TEmbry
Lol I regret even clicking that article for the advertising value...

That isn’t news for Alaska hunters, simply news for soccer moms in Wisconsin.

From: Ned
I don’t agree with any of the proposed changes, not sure when any of those hunting practices were aloud in Alaska, I lived there for 3 years and never heard such a thing. I doubt that Trump has anything to do with the proposals, I’m sure he has bigger fish to fry right now.

From: wild1
Exactly what I thought.

From: luckychucky
It is a cultural thing. When your survival depends on it you do what your elders taught you to survive.

From: JTV

From: Bigdan
This is bull shit they twist the truth

Dept of Interior had for years been encroaching on the State of Alaska's right to manage its own wildlife. In many areas the State tries to accommodate traditional hunting practices of Native folks. In many areas the State tries to do some predator management and control.

More than a year ago Congress passed a joint resolution that forces Dept of Interior to recognize the State's right to manage wildlife. Only just now is Interior getting around to drafting regulations to comply with this.

The animal rights community is losing their mind over this. (And it sounds as if some Bowsiters are falling for the propaganda campaign). That is too bad. We in Alaska are tired of national campaigns by bleeding hearts being used to dictate how we manage our wildlife.

If some of you flatlanders are offended by the idea of hunting bears in the den with a spear and a light, I would suggest that you not participate in it. Meanwhile, if you are of Athabascan heritage and your people have been doing this for centuries, I would suggest that you don't need PETA (or Bowsiters from small/flat states) telling you that you shouldn't do it!


From: Fuzzy
Thanks for the local insight Pete.

I suspected as much.

From: smarba
Bingo Pete

From: Stix
There is always a left wing slant to the way the fake news is reported in the media;

Fake news: Shooting bears in dens.

LOL define a "den", it could be an area dug out underneath tree roots. Not some cave where someone walks in, corners a bear and shoots it.

Fake News: Baiting brown bears with bacon and doughnuts. LOL. this is what the hunter eats for breakfast.

Fake News: Using spotlights to shoot mother black bears and cubs. Jacklighting is already illegal.

Just to add some perspective... If your idea of a fun afternoon is crawling into bear dens in winter, I really don't think the National Park Service should be telling you that you cannot take a battery powered flashlight with you!

Sure, a hundred years ago the same tribal members would use a birchbark torch, but that has a tendency to be smoky and make your eyes water. Too, the light from that bark torch is a little weak for serious close-quarter bear hunting!

From what I hear from the villages on the Koyukuk where den hunting is a tradition, nobody was paying attention to the NPS rules (forbidding flashlights) anyway.

Bottom line? There are probably not 15 bears total taken in Alaska this way each winter. Maybe not even 5.

This is less a conservation problem and more of a fund-raising tactic for the AR groups.


From: smarba
Pete: you ever read "On the Edge of Nowhere" about Jimmy Huntington? Awesome Alaskan adventure true story about how things used to be.

One of many epic stories is how to kill bears during the winter by finding a den based on the melted snow chimney hole from their breath. Use an axe to chop the hole big enough for its head, then smoke it out. When he sticks his head up thru the hole, whack it with the axe. Doesn't work so well if you make the hole too big, but I won't give away all the details of this particular misadventure.

I say if someone wants to say trying to kill a bear in its den is too "easy" maybe make them give it a try sometime LOL.


From: Nick Muche
That's a great book smarba. I'm friends with his grandson and the stories he's told are pretty awesome! Shadows on the Koyokuk by Sidney is also an excellent read.

From: yooper89
Steve Rinella breaks this down in his most recent podcast around the 2hr 10min mark. Guy is very knowledgeable and articulate, so it's easy listening, if anybody is interested.


I knew both Jimmy and Sidney Huntington. Every time I get to thinking I am (or was...) tough, I think of those guys! Jimmy passed on several years; Sidney died just last year. End of an era, for sure.


I'll look on line for that book...... Right now I'm in the middle of "Cold Hands, Warm Heart"...... by Jeff King...... I picked it up at his Husky Homestead in Denali....... Also a good read.

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