Eagle/Fox have what in common ?
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From: JTV

JTV's Link
a rabbit ... read the story/pics and video..... Foxy was taken for a ride ... Link ^^

Cool photos

From: drycreek
Neat ! I had the good fortune to be able to watch two adult and one juvenile bald eagles eat on a hog I killed last fall. While they were eating, another half dozen pigs came out of the woods and one adult lifted off and did a low-and-slow over the pigs and they scattered like quail. You could almost hear it laugh. I know I laughed !

From: t-roy
Way cool pics!

I was not aware that foxes usually don’t hunt rabbits......Yeah, right.

From: Arrowone
Awesome video. They have made a nice comeback in upstate NY.

From: elkstabber
Ouch! That eagle grabbed the fox by the head. That'll leave a mark.

From: Salagi
"Ebi said foxes don’t usually hunt rabbits and generally eat berries, insects and voles."

In what world???? Cool video though. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

From: Fuzzy
the foxes in my area must be defective

From: JTV
I watched a family of Red's grow up last year, she had 5 pups ! ....she was very busy keeping them fed.... the mom was always bringing in rabbits, and I watched her stalk and nail a young woodchuck as she dived into its den and dragged it out and watched her chase a stray cat up a tree.... ... cool to see ...

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