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My flag is up,peonies are blooming .I'll be remembering mom and dad this weekend.dad was a ww11 marine ,6th division marine that fought on Okinawa.have a gold star mothers service Monday.wish I could visit the wall.have several buddies there.military gets a hold of ya that's not easy to let go.

From: hunting dad
Here's to all that gave all. Including my nephew Sgt. Kenny Schall. Iraq May 22-2005. I thank them for their service and sacrifice.

From: Slate
Our heroes. TRUE HEROES

From: lewis
My dad was in the bunch that took Dachau no idea what they were about to discover never spoke about it until he was 87 or 88.It is a great holiday God bless America Lewis

From: casekiska
I served with guys whose names are on the wall. Why them and not me? They and all the fallen deserve our highest respect. Without them or their efforts a lot of folks living in North America today might be speaking German, Japanese, or Russian.

I had an easy tour, being in the Air Force, but my Dad, died at 47 years of age. Doctors said, New Guinea killed him.... he was in the 32nd in New Guinea the whole time, still fighting 2 weeks after the war was over. A book was written on his unit, called the Ghost Mountain Boys, going over the Owen Stanley Mountains.........

Not a day goes by in my life, that I do not think of him, loved that guy,,,,,, I was 15 when I lost my hunting partner

From: Swampbuck
My flag flies year round, come from a military family back to the French/Indian war. Family members in every war to date. God bless America, all who have served, all who will. Let’s all remember their sacrifice for the freedoms we all enjoy today and tomorrow!

From: t-roy
A HUGE thank you goes out to all who served and are serving! We often take for granted every day, the freedoms we have in this country that are due, in large part, to the difficult, oftentimes, ultimate sacrifices many have made to procure and maintain those freedoms here. Again, THANK YOU and may GOD continue to bless this great country!

From: JTV
Semper Fi to all that have given the biggest sacrifice for this country, and to those that will .... May God Bless all are servicemen ...

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