Not cool Idaho...
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YZF-88 04-Jun-18
DonVathome 04-Jun-18
Scrappy 04-Jun-18
PushCoArcher 04-Jun-18
IdyllwildArcher 04-Jun-18
From: YZF-88

Please be advised, you CANNOT call people between the Super Hunt draw deadline and the results day for ANY other reason. Small game survey?...C'mon do it some other than time! If I see an Idaho area code around draw time...I fully expect a tag.

Sincerely, a tagless bowhunter

From: DonVathome
Haha funny!

From: Scrappy
That is hilarious.

From: PushCoArcher
Oh man I'd have been piseed.

Also not cool to put the draw results out in a small date range for decades and then one year, without warning or news, put them out weeks later.

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