Cold winter boot blankets: choice?
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I am finally not going to wait until the last minute this year. I want to buy an insulating boot cover/blanket and they seem to be either Icebreaker or Arctic Shield. 2 questions 1. comments and preferences one vs the other size? I wear a 10-10.5 insulated Schnee PacBoot most cold weather: should I get the recommended large or step up to extra large?

From: Bill Obeid
1)I own both. I like the Arctic Shield when it’s cold... and the Icebreaker when it’s really cold.

2) I don’t think you can wear ( fit )either over a pair of Schnee PAC boots.

Icebreakers are bulky but with a light boot they would be the warmest option in my opinion

I have the icebreakers and they are very warm and work great. I will say that they are bulky when on your feet so as long as you are sitting and don't have to move much, you are good.

One other thing.....the key with the boot blankets is to put them on right away, before your feet are cold. If you wait until your feet are cold it's too late.

From: Brotsky
Arctic Shield, plenty warm for even the coldest temps and a lot less bulky.

From: hightine
I use artic shield and put toe warmers in them. I’ve never tried to use them as they were intended because the results I’ve read seem 50/50.

From: MK111
I hunt in my hunting towers and a few ladder stands on mu farm. Couple years ago I bought from SG a sleeping bag with arms to go over my insulated coveralls.

It is made of nylon and a little noisey but it has never scared a nearby deer. I sure takes the chill off when it gets cold. I may buy another one for my grand kids to use when they go with me.

From: PAOH
I use Artic Shield with a body warmer and an uninsulated pair of boots. This system is the only one I have found to keep my feet warm. As stated above put these on right away.

From: Screwball
Arctic shield. Swear by them! I also love my heater body suit.

From: Schmitty78
I have both and agree that arctic shields work great in cold weather, but my icebreakers are my go to in real cold weather!! I actually take my boots off and stick my feet into the icebreakers with one hand warmer and it can be below zero and my feet stay toasty!

From: Griz34
X 2 POAH.....I walk in with uninsulated boots, then put on my Icebreakers with a couple body warmers. It's the only thing that's ever kept my feet warm.

Arctic Shield has worked well for me. If really cold out I will take my boots off and slip on the Arctic Shields with a handwarmer in each one.

From: Bowman
I have a set of both. The artic shield are much easier to pack in and out as they fold nearly flat and are much less bulky. I wear the icebreakers though as I find them to be much warmer. The things is however if you are wearing them in a stand they are very large and made any kind of movement in the stand very difficult to do. run 3

From: BullBuster
I agree with most comments. Be aware that they are a bit noisy putting on in stand. If temp above 20, I like to put bears feet over my boots. Quiet in stand and they make a difference standing on metal grate of a tree stand.

From: LBshooter
I have used artic shield for years and like them. The new style bottoms aren't anywhere near as durable as the older pairs. If you do any walking with them they will only last a season. Check out wiggys , they have a over boot that works to 25 below and has a actual rubber sole that you cam wail around with. I plan on using these with hikers this season and if I need a little extra warmth I just throw a body warmer in. They are water proof and seem like quality boot.

From: Rut Nut
I started years ago with the IceBreaker boot blankets but they were VERY bulky and clumsy to wear on stand and transport. I went to the Arctic Shields after a few seasons and never looked back. They are MUCH smaller and actually fold up and are as warm or warmer than the Ice-breakers. I have worn them in below Zero temps without having to use chemical warmers. Just make sure you get them big enough. If they are tight, there will be no air pocket in them. I wear a size 12 and use the XL size.

I have both and use both but use the Arctic Shields more because they are more convenient. You're going to need the biggest size they make.

That being said, I still use the Icebreakers and sometimes where both the Arctic Shields and the Icebreakers at the same time.

If you really want to get serious about keeping your feet warm on an all day cold weather sit, pack a pair of felt liners from Sorel or Lacrosse pack boots and when you get to your stand, take your lightweight boots off, store them in your pack, slip the felt liners on, slip on the Arctic Shields, insert a chemical hand warmer into each Arctic Shield on top of your toes and then slip on the Icebreaker boot blankets. You'll have toasty feet all day!

From: yogadull

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From: LKH
Instead of a sleeping bag which often lets the wind come through my wife sewed a large bag out of Windbloc. Has a polar fleece type inside. It rolls up to about a 6" diameter by 2' cylinder. Much easier to pack than a sleeping bag and far easier to get into.

We bought a ton of material for $4 per yard and this thing has a bunch of material, probably 8 yards and I imagine it would be very costly today.

She also sews Thinsulate boot blankets.

Cheesehead's method really works.

From: Dirtman
I can get the 2xl Artic Shields over my size 11 Cabelas 2000 gram inferno pac boots. XL fits over my sons size 8 lacrosse icemans

If you wore serious boots for really cold weather, you would not need anything else,,,, for me, that means Biffen boots,,, they come from Canada,,,,

not cheap, but they sell well in the UP,,,,,,

sorry for the misspell, that would be Baffin boots,,,,,

From: stagetek
I have both. The Ice Breakers are by far the warmest.

From: tonyalonso
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From: Bowman
I have the icebreakers and they are very warm and work great happy wheels

From: elk yinzer
I just have Arctic Shield. I don't ever hunt "extreme" temps but I've seen single digits a few mornings. The single greatest comfort improvement I've ever bought.

Temps 30-40's just the boot blankets are enough. 30 degrees and below, I throw a handwarmer in each one (on top of toes). This is all with uninsulated leather hikers, all I ever wear.

From: Ambush
I bought Arctic Shields last fall because of all the positive comments. Well, either it’s way, way colder here than where you guys are using them or I’m a severe pussy!! Tried them twice in the blind in November. Noisy and didn’t keep my feet near as warm as my Baffin’s and I use warmers. Fail for me.

Back in the box and to the back of the “that was a waste of money” closet. Hope my wife never opens that door!!

From: LKH
Her majesty makes mine and has made them for sons and brothers. Outer is either wool or fleece with an insulating layer and fleece inside, generally windbloc. They are quiet.

They help a lot and I often take my boots off and put slippers on. Somehow not having anything keep the moisture in seems to help.

From: czaploro
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From: BC173
Wouldn’t the easy solution be for them to be made bigger? Especially, for those saying they don’t fit.

From: Scrappy

Scrappy's Link
If your looking to do something totally different for warm toasty feet check out what I did this past late season.

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