Treestand carrying system?
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From: bear bowman
A few months ago, someone posted something about a treestand carrying system. I can't seem to the original post. It had straps and a waist belt. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? I'd love to get one.

From: APauls
I've got a molly belt and strap system exactly like what you are looking for. If you want you can have mine for $80US tyd. I paid about $120 cdn and used it once. Ipack mine in my Kuiu bag. With the molly system you generally leave it on the stand. PM me if you want.

I use the molle II army ruck sack shoulder pads and belt. Works great.

From: tobywon

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the tree stand transportation system, is built strictly for tree stands. really it was designed for the lone wolf, and could be overkill for some hang ons, however I bought it this year, from xop, strictly for my summit viper sd......

It fits a little tight on it, but it works,,,,, takes ALL of the weight off of me, I love it,,,,,,, I think it might be hard to get now, I think they are out of stock....

I give it 5 out 5 stars

From: r-man
Years ago I invested in a son , he's finally ready to carry my gear and stands .

From: del_binari
I just tie mine to my Dwight Schuh pack frame. Since I can’t pack more than one pack on my back at a time why get a special set up when my meat pack frame works well enough?

From: Cheetah8799
I use the military molle straps. You can find them on EBay for $15 shipped in decent condition. I have the shoulder straps on two of my stands. Very good investment. Considering the belt system on my Lone Wolf as it is heavier and I pile on warm clothes in the later season making it a bit heavy at times.

From: Lost Arra
I've got the Molle system on a LW climber but I took a LW assault and sticks to Wyo for my elk hunt and it all attached perfectly to my Exo pack. Much more comfortable on the Exo.

From: bear bowman
Thanks for all of the replies. The xop is what I was looking for. I guess I'll be waiting until next year. I did put padded straps on my current stand but I remember how nice it was carrying a ruck in the Army with the waist strap.

From: Pyrannah
lost arra, happen to have any pics of your exo setup?



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My Badlands 2200 works really well for carrying a hang on stand with four climbing sticks in the batwings plus all of my clothes in the bag. I already had the pack and didn't buy it for this purpose but it works really well.

From: JohnMC
I'll second the Badlands 2200. Use is all the time for stands.

From: rooster
I use surplus military "alice" pack frames. I just zip tie them to my stand and leave them attached.

Adam do you still have the molle system?

From: Tonybear61
Tons of backpack frames at Thrift stores for about 10 bucks. Also think about some cheap or maybe comfortable rifle slings. Should be all you need to carry a stand and day pack.

From: Cazador
Agree with Mike, that 2200 works great. I have a love hate relationship with it in the elk woods, but it is a very versatile pack. I finally toasted my last one, sent it to BL and they sent me a new one. I felt bad (for a moment) for actually sending the pack in for repair. I'm sure it's on their "wall of fame".

From: hardcore247
Also a mystery ranch nice frame works well.

From: wooddamon1
First year with the XOP pack, I have an XOP stand but it's usable on any stand. Nice way to lug my stuff around scouting for a spot. Gonna be kinda heavy with some late season clothes strapped on, though.

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