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Capital One bought credit cards from Cabela's. I sent my payment to Nebraska off the address on the envelope Capital One had bought the credit card company Capital once and now it goes to California they charge me $38 late fee even though I was not late .although it took 14 days for Nebraska to forward it to California I talked to a supervisor and they were not going to change the $38 late fee so I told him I was going to cancel the card they change their tune and refunded my $38 back to me warning to others

From: spike78
I had to do a new account with the bank and it did not accept my routing number which made me think I was using the wrong one. I put in another routing number I thought it could be and paid a bill and got an email stating that my money was returned due to incorrect bank number what a pain in the ass.

From: Jaquomo
I paid my "old" Cabelas Visa balance in full every month, and did again last month before I stopped using and moved all my auto-pays to a different credit card with better rewards. Then I closed the Chase account that was linked to the Cabelas card. Didn't bother relinking because I planned to send a check for the final balance in November and end the relationship with Cabelas-Capital One for good.

So Capital One - Cabelas then went ahead and tried to do an auto-pay of the minimum amount even though I had paid the previous month balance in full and no minimum payment was due for another month. Except the bank account was closed. Chaos ensued.

I finally got it all straightened out after being on several "brief" holds, talking with two CSRs and a supervisor who each gave me different amounts needed to zero it out and run like hell. But that was time I could have spent doing something else and aggravation I didn't need.

Then I made a trip to Cabelas in Denver to spend my points on some non-hunting winter clothes that needed try-on because the sizes vary. Except nearly everything in the store was Redhead crap and the few things they did have that were interesting and which I could use were limited to size S, M, or XXL.

I did notice that there were about 1/4 the number of people in there compared to a similar day and time in October when it was still "Cabelas". Makes me very sad. I've been buying from them since 1970 and still have my first thin little black and white catalog. Goodbye, old friend. RIP.

From: Jaquomo

Jaquomo's embedded Photo
Jaquomo's embedded Photo

From: Zbone
They wanted me re register online with the new bank, and requested my social security number... No way was I going to give my social security number over the internet, so I called them and reached the new bank... They would not take my SS# over the phone and said I had to do it online... Said screw it, I'll just pay the thing off and and be done with them...

From: Tempest
I cashed in my points in gear. Got another Visa card. Will be phasing these goofs out shortly

From: Glunt@work
It was quite a treat to load up and drive 2 1/2 hours to Cabelas to buy the stuff we had been circling in the catalog or to nose around the bargain cave when it was full of actual bargains. Things change. Now I have one I drive by almost every day and rarely stop.

From: iplumb
Add me to the club of closing it down. Quite the shame - I earned many many points on that old black card. Alas, all good things must come to an end. To others points - the in store selection is horrible. I predict in the not to distant future, for lease signs hanging out front of many of these monster stores.

From: RJ Hunt
I bought a new rangefinder last Thursday from cabelas here. The store was pretty bare. Few employees to help out and even fewer customers. In the past I bought Cabelas brand because of the way they weee made and how they backed their product. Now I avoid the named products. Also got a Cabelas Silver card. Did the capitol one switch and already having issues. Said to me on the new online statement "no payment is due" but on the detail said "don't miss your October 18th payment" WtF. I called the new capitol one and said "why am I being warned not to miss a payment if I don't owe you any money? Will you give me a late fee for missing a payment when my balance is $0.00?" The lady on the phone just said "I don't know will have to check with my supervisor." Unreal. Oh well gone is the Cabelas of yesterday.

From: Mule Power
I bailed on a Cabelas card long ago. These days I use so much specialized gear that they barely servya purpose anymore. I got pissed when they said they can’t look up my Cabelas Bucks on their computer system.

So now I run everything through my Alaska Airlines card so I can rack up miles to go see Nick and Stephanie for free!

From: Rock
2x what Glunt said, I just cancelled my card today then shreaded it.

From: Matt Quick
It’s a shame to see Cabela’s fall so far. I phased out my Cabela’s card about two months ago. I’m so glad I did....

From: Jaquomo
I was once second in line at the sidewalk sale when it was in downtown Sidney. Arrived at midnight and got a t-shirt for that. Prices averaged about $.18 on the dollar for great stuff.

Those were the days.

From: Trial153
I lost you at sending the via mail.

From: T Mac
I have a 0 balance and tried using last week for rental car and they could not process a $200 hold on the card. I am looking to cancel as well

From: Arrowone
Same experiences with store in Hartford and credit card. A shame.

From: Grunter
You mailed it? Cant remember the last time I bought a stamp. I've never been a fan of capital one and thinking about dropping my card as well

From: GED
I spend $25K + a year in that card traveling and I will be cancelling it this month. $0 balance and 0 interest in dealing with Capital One.

Too bad. I loved the points.

From: Dale06
I spend $30,000 plus annually on my cabelas black card. And I have been a frequent visitor and buyer at their stores. My new card that they supposedly will send me will never get activated. Used my points up last week, and I’m done with them.

From: Jaquomo
Haven't seen my new card yet but that's the one on file for me when they looked it up at the store when I wanted to redeem points. Thought that was a little strange.

I was involved with a number of mergers and acquisitions in my business career, including due diligence when we went after market share. This whole transition has been a big CF, and Bass Pro may have underestimated he market share they were buying if they keep turning off the customers they thought they were "acquiring".

From: Lever Action
I kicked mine into the trash awhile ago. Scam city IMO

I had no balance after I spent my refunded balance and cashed in all my points 1 day on a fun shopping spree!

I canceled/closed out my acct.

I then thought, ya know, I haven't used my Home Depot card in almost a full year so I called and canceled/closed it out too.

So now I have my A-Prime visa and I am content.

Good luck, Robb

From: Grubby
One more here that canceled

From: BK
Same thing happened to me with the last billing. I received the new recent bill the other day and was surprised to find a $27 late fee applied. I new damn well I had sent the payment to Lincoln, NE in plenty of time. I only live 50 miles to the north. Called the new customer service and told them to take the late fee off which they did. (a so called one time courtesy fee correction she told me) There won't be another one I told her. I won't be using it again except to use the card to see how sharp my broadheads are. Also found out that the payment had not been posted to my account for over 10 days after the due date which shows right there they had forwarded everything to California before posting the payment.

From: lewis
Lou I remember that catalog and they were a great company it is sad Lewis

From: Jaquomo
Sad deal, what happened to them. But nothing in life stays the same..

From: spike78
I got charged a late fate threatened to cancel and they didn’t care oh yes times have changed.

From: 70lbdraw
Get used to it fellas...the big banks are joining the "woke crowd". It won't be long until your credit score drops, simply due to the fact that you didn't vote for China joe.

From: Bou'bound
yeah that will probably happen

From: Darrell
Here's a funny one for you. I was on the phone with Cabelas in 1995 or 96 telling the phone sales person they needed to get a website so we could order from there. His response was "We don't think people will buy outdoor gear from the Internet." I started to go online and purchase the www.cabelas.com url. But I was an idiot and didn't. I wonder how much free gear I could have gotten out that purchase a few years later?

I abandoned my card (still have the account but only use it for in store purchases) and went to an Alliant Credit Union card three years ago. Got a full 3% cash back for the first year and 2.5% since. Much better and I transfer all my rewards $ to a savings account the wife and I are going to use for a really nice vacation one of these days.

Bye, bye Cabelas. It was great knowing you but you aren't who you once were.

Anyone else get a cheap but kind of cool knife for being a 10 year card holder? That's how far back I go with them. Its definitely a shame!

From: krieger
I'm not a fan of Capital One , just because of who they hired to do their advertising. I think Baldwin is a POS. However, I've had decent service with my CC still and the Morris's have done good work for conservation. Didn't I see where P&Y is moving to Springfield MO ?

I've heard the animal specimen's in their museum next to the Springfield Bass Pro is second to none. JP Morris is a hardcore bowfisherman, so I'm starting to warm up to them a little. Still have my card.

From: DanaC
A friend tried to return a pair of Cabela's boots that failed. 'Sorry, we're Bass Pro now.'

I still use my 'Cabela's' Capital One card, but they're on probation with me.

Then again, my regular bank is on thin ice too. The bigger they get the less they care about the customer. Might move my business to a local bank that treats people like people.

From: 70lbdraw
"yeah that will probably happen"

Yeah...Google "Democrat equity score", and get back to us!

From: bigswivle
Pretty much everything bass pro touches turns to poop

From: Matt
'"yeah that will probably happen" Yeah...Google "Democrat equity score", and get back to us!'

And? I can wait to read the line of reasoning of how an article talking the government providing an equity score on future legislation will result in lower consumer credit scores based on how individuals vote.

From: StickFlicker
"Got a full 3% cash back for the first year and 2.5% since."

You just THINK you get 2.5%. Because of their fee structure, the absolute most you could actually net is 2.25%, and that's ONLY if you spend at least $10,000 per quarter ($40,000 per year) on your card (and they have a max cashback of $250 per quarter). If you spend less, your return is less. Spending $5,000 per quarter ($20,000 per year) would be the break-even where you would get 2% back. If you spend lower than that, you'd net less than 2% and you'd be better off with the Citibank Double Cash card that pays 2% no matter what you spend, with no maximum amount you could earn and no annual fee. I have no association with Citi, I just spend a lot of time researching credit card benefits.

From: jjs
Slice mine up as soon it arrived after Bass Pro took over, now my wife uses cash since she is the only one that finds something in Cabela's, she ask why I do not buy and I tell her they have nothing that I need. Get all my items at the local sports shop that, might cost a couple of pennies more but it is one of the last local shops around.

I put all my tags I try to draw every year on my Cabelas card and have never had a problem, plus I earn free stuff and eventually get most of my charge back once the draw is complete and I was unsuccessful. This year I drew a CO elk tag and got a notice from CO that I have until June 10th to pay the fee for the tag. No idea why it wouldn't just automatically charge the card when I've been on time with payments and nowhere near my limit.

Novembermadman - I also received an email from CO indicating I was successful in the elk draw, but my CC was not valid. It was a Cabelas card as well.

From: petedrummond
They locked up my cabelas black card...cancelled it use scheels!

Did BP also purchase Sportsman’s Warehouse?

On a bit of a side note, I clicked on camofire this morning and saw where 2021 Sitka gear was basically their whole offering today. They had a deal on everything fanatic. It got me to checking.

The only major store not offering Sitka clearance this morning at 6 am was bass pro. I find that odd.

Sometimes it does pay to be the top dog in market share. FWIW, I bought an xl fanatic jacket for $223 this morning from a small online vendor. So, if you are looking for Sitka, this weekend is the time.

From: Pop-r
All the 2021 stuff is just 20% off right now. Wait & alot of it will get to 45% off.

From: Striker@home
"You just THINK you get 2.5%. Because of their fee structure, the absolute most you could actually net is 2.25%, and that's ONLY if you spend at least $10,000 per quarter ($40,000 per year) on your card (and they have a max cashback of $250 per quarter). If you spend less, your return is less. Spending $5,000 per quarter ($20,000 per year) would be the break-even where you would get 2% back. If you spend lower than that, you'd net less than 2% and you'd be better off with the Citibank Double Cash card that pays 2% no matter what you spend, with no maximum amount you could earn and no annual fee. I have no association with Citi, I just spend a lot of time researching credit card benefits."

You probably should do a better job in your research. I use the same card and it's $250 per statement (which is 30 days). I earned over $2200 cash back last year and that wouldn't have been possible if limited to just $250 each quarter.

This is copied and pasted straight from their website:

Exclusively designed for high spenders with excellent credit A true cashback card: 2.5% cash back84 with no categories to track Maximum cash back earnings will be $250 ($10,000 in qualifying purchases) per billing cycle84

From: StickFlicker
Striker, I stand corrected. I thought I had read that the $10K maximum was per quarter, rather than per billing cycle. It does seem like a good option for those that spend very large amounts on a credit card regularly. Thanks for finding my error.

From: luckyman26
Last year I had bought a credit card from Cabela's and used it until last month when I had to get credit and send some money to someone in another state. I sent the money in the morning and I got the same 38 dollar fee that you got. It said it was a late send fee even if it was ten in the morning. I then called the company and after some arguing, I got my 38 dollars back. After the money was sent, I paid back the money I lent from the credit company and canceled my Cabela's card. I then started using https://www.yhdistalaina.com/yhdistelylaina-pankista/ because they are more efficient.

From: Delmag
Had to go back in to CO as well to pay as it did not allow it for some reason. In addition before BPS u could exceed then $30k limit by at least 50% as long as paid balance monthly....those days are long gone.....shut me down at $30k this year.

From: Inshart
Rather than use the Cabela's card I now use the "Bank of Pakistan" for all my credit needs. Here's how the phone call went.

"Rhsheid my name is, I account set up for you."

I explained my issues with Cabela's customer service (actually 3 times before he understood me) and that my card had been hacked 3 times.

"Awwww, we good service customers, you like us, yes?, please to give us information on you?"

So, I gave him my full name, DOB, social security number, and all my bank account (savings account also) information, he promised to keep all of it private.

Because of a few questionable purchases from their bank, I've had to make a few phone calls, the customer service reps a re a bit hard to understand but they have assured me they are looking into the purchases. And once I have set up all my direct deposits from my retirement accounts and social security the questioned purchases will be taken care of.

Still better than Cabela's.

From: Bou'bound
That’s a classic

From: Mt. man
Spend quite a bit each year on my Cabela's cards (2 of them) and been that way for over 20 years. Even when Capital One took over I have yet to see a legit reason to leave it. No issues at all and use up the points on my kids Christmas most years.

From: Fields
LOL..... that is too funny.

From: BW
Capital one sucks period. I had the same issues with them years ago. Not a cabelas card though. Cabelas in general has gone way down hill in the past few years. I don't spend my money there anymore.

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