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From: morganharris

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Hello everyone, it’s Kelly Harris’s daughter again.

Some of our friends have designed a shirt about Kellyville. My dad always talked about winning the lottery, and when he does he will build Kellyville; a place filled with his best friends closest to him, in their dream houses, each with land and whatever else they wanted.

This link takes you to the website to order these shirts. There are t-shirt’s (unisex and women’s), tanks, long sleeve, and sweatshirts! I don’t know how many of you will see this, but there are only about two and a half hours left to order these.

Thank you so much for everything you all have done.

From: T Mac
Order placed thx for the reminder Morgan!

From: tkjwonta
Ordered. Thanks for sharing and hopefully you can raise a whole bunch of money for such a worthy cause.

From: RJ Hunt
Order sent. Thanks for the heads up.

From: Mule Power
Dang Morgan honey I didn’t see this until now. I clicked but it said campaign ended. It did ask for an email address which I provided to reserve one when they become available again.

From: Fuzzy
I miised it too. I'm sure Kelly is in Kellyville now. I sure miss him on here.

From: Chris S
Kellyville is a place I’d like to be hanging out at the 3D range before heading over to the pool and hot tub area for a frosty one. I was late sent email for waiting list.

From: T Mac

T Mac's embedded Photo
T Mac's embedded Photo
Although I never met Kelly personally I always enjoyed his threads and PM’d him occasionally. I first got to know him a bit when I guessed the score of his buck and he sent me a bunch of Miller lite paraphernalia. Kelly was not afraid to put himself out there and was a straight shooter and I admired him for that. To the Harris Family you are in my prayers and I think it’s fair to say that Kelly touched many lives. May you find peace and joy as you look back at all the memories you shared together. God Bless you all!

From: Mule Power

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Just got an email. Kellyville shirts are available again. Who doesn’t need a new lucky hunting shirt!

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