Warm coat for a lady?
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Crash 17-Dec-18
Brotsky 17-Dec-18
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Bou'bound 17-Dec-18
sitO 17-Dec-18
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Ziek 17-Dec-18
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moon 18-Dec-18
From: Crash
I am looking for a warm coat for my fiance. She has a very cold nature and has trouble staying warm on stand. Naturally, it needs to be quiet. Thanks for the help.

From: Brotsky
The Sitka women's fanatic jacket and bibs are hard to beat. My girls have the set and they stay warm in some very cold temps. They layer some merino bases under each and use Artic Shield boot covers for their feet. They've sat 4-5 hours in temps in the teens to twenties and stayed comfortable.

From: BUCKeye
Electric vest and fanatic jacket are hard to beat for cold treestand sits

From: Bou'bound
Incinerator and bibs

From: sitO

From: Bowboy
Get her a heater body suit.

I agree with you guys on the Sitka fanatic jacket. Bought the wife one this fall and it was worth it.

From: Ziek
Just ordered an Ororo heated vest for my wife. Just wearing warm clothes doesn't seem to be enough for her any more. A good friend (male) started using a heated vest, and said it really helped. Obviously, I can't make a recommendation yet.

From: oldgoat
Electric Heated vest and layering! Wear the vest under the layers

From: Lost Arra
Fanatic jacket was a game changer for my daughter.

From: Crash
Thanks fellows. Guess I need to start saving up my money, those Fanatic coats are pricey.

From: olebuck
the Fanatic Jacket is the warmest thing i have ever put on... and it fits so good and is very comfortable.

From: moon
while you are saving get her a reusable back warmer from hotsnapz.com I have a belt with a pocket on it so that the warmer sits right in the small of my back. When I start to get cold I reach back and activate it giving me a rush of heat. For extreme cold I also have a vest that I sewed a pocket for one of the warmers so it sits between my shoulder blades. .

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