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jjs 20-Dec-18
M.Pauls 20-Dec-18
Nick Muche 20-Dec-18
Bou'bound 20-Dec-18
Gene Wensel 20-Dec-18
Treeline 20-Dec-18
wooddamon1 20-Dec-18
bohuntr 20-Dec-18
Charlie Rehor 20-Dec-18
Sugar 20-Dec-18
Tonybear61 20-Dec-18
Herdbull 20-Dec-18
arlone 21-Dec-18
From: jjs
Was in a funk today ( weather, another very limited bowhunting season from psychical mishaps) so I pulled out Primal Dreams DVD and got a good dose attitude adjustment. One of the best nature bowhunting DVD made even my wife had to sit down and watch it, got to pull out Primal Dreams II and overdose. Use to really enjoy Gordon Eastmans films but for the bowhunter is one of the best, infact when I go to the dentist next time for a root canal I'll have him insert Primal Dreams to watch. PrimalDreams should be mandatory for all youths and post hunting blues to watch. If none of you have not seen it but in your bucket list of must have. Good hunting.

From: M.Pauls
Yeah those are favourites of mine for sure. And by favourites, I truly mean that. They get watched way more than any of my other videos. Real classy, excellent footage, so well done.

From: Nick Muche
Great films!

From: Bou'bound
Well said

From: Gene Wensel
Thank you for the support and kind comments. Its been 14 years since "Primal Dreams" came out. We like to think it and PD2 "Essential Encounters" were ahead of their time. BTW, I wouldn't loan out your copies. Both are almost sold out and will be gone very soon.

From: Treeline
Awesome video! I probably need to order another copy! After moving a couple of times including out of the country for 3 years, my stuff is a wreck! It is probably in the bottom of a box somewhere...

From: wooddamon1
Great videos!

From: bohuntr
Completely agree on the comments on Primal Dreams!

When Mike Mitten carries out those two bucks on his back I could not believe his strength.

From: Sugar
Great video!!!

From: Tonybear61
Mike Mitten demonstrates the carrying capacity most hunters dream would exist on their property..

From: Herdbull
Thanks for the kind words guys. I started filming a solo bowhunting film with my brother David back in 2000. After showing early edited footage to my other brother Mark, and then eventually our friends Gene and Barry Wensel, the collaboration grew beyond solo, but instead showcased man's participation with nature as a predator and launched as "Primal Dreams" in 2005 after being filmed in 11 different states. We then, as Brothers of the Bow, launched our second film "Essential Encounters" in 2011. In 2014 I finally got the chance to complete my original idea, a purely solo bowhunting experience hunting moose in Alaska. This self-filmed and self-produced film is called "Chasing Solitude." We really appreciate all the support we have received from you guys and gals here on Bowsite over the years. Mike

From: arlone
Lets see, 2005......2011.......just about time for another?? I do have "Chasing Solitude" Mike. My wife's 3 favorites. I'm a lucky guy!

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