Do you lock up your bow?
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From: cnelk
I have a gun safe that I use to store my guns. Some of the guns dont even have half the value of my bow. But I dont store my bows in a safe or even lock them up.

Do you?

From: Woods Walker
Nope. Strung and on display so I can grab one on my way out to the garage and take a shot!

But it's interesting that you mention it, because what you say is true. I guess if someone broke in, the last thing they'd take is an old recurve........unless it was a BOWSITER!

I have a back up T/D recurve in the gun safe, just in case.

From: WhitetailHtr
NEVER crossed my mind, but I shoot a 30 yo recurve!

From: Bowboy
Nope! There left-handed so no one wants them.

From: Errorhead
Can't shoot it daily if it's under lock and key.

From: Deertick
Guns aren’t locked up to prevent theft necessarily.

From: Whocares

From: Whocares
You married guys (and Jaq) have to lock up your guns and bows so your better half can't stand there and count what you have!

From: Trial153
Na, all three of them are hanging in my basement shop. And I if I didn’t have two small children in my house I wouldn’t have any of my guns locked up either.

From: Bou'bound
I lock the house when I leave does that count

I should be more careful I guess,,,, I do not even lock my house or cars etc, where I live,,,,,, my bows are always being used, so no, they are just hung up.....

From: Sugar
Nope...although I do hide my arrows

From: Jaquomo
No, but I put a trigger lock on my compound release so it won't accidentally go off and hurt somebody.

From: keepemsharp
Takes a pretty big safe for a 64" bow.

From: White Falcon
I put mine in my safe when I lived in Dallas.

From: craig@work
No because I’m pretty sure they would return it once they realize it’s old and left handed.

From: PoudreCanyon
Would eat up a lot of space in the safe, which is in pretty high demand. Actually, I need another safe...

From: ElkNut1
Mine hangs on my bedroom wall! If someone needs it that bad they can have it! Just don't let me catch you 'Borrowing' it! (grin)



From: Pope125
Maybe just me , I like having my bows hanging in my garage and in my mudroom . Shows how much I enjoy archery and shooting my bow , nothing like grabbing your bow walking out the garage and taking a few shots .


From: Buglmin
Several takedowns are kept in my safe, bows I don't shoot but won't sell. Bows like my Ballistic from John Frazio, a double dyna stressed takedown by Harold Groves, the first Black Widow my daughter and ex bought me, the first takedown longbow Bob Lee made and gave me, and a few other Bob Lee's. Most bows are tools, but I do have a few I'm very partial to.

From: drycreek
I have way more guns than I do bows, especially handguns. Some of them can easily be replaced by insurance, but some are destined to be handed down when I kick out, and I sure wouldn't want to lose them. I only have two bows, an Elite Synergy and an old Red Wing Hunter. Either one can be replaced.

From: Ermine
Nope. I usually Shoot my bow daily.

From: Fields
Nope. they all hang in my tv room.... Guess you could say I'm careless. Like elknut, let me catch you taking it........

From: Franklin
I wish someone would steal mine....give me a good excuse to buy a new one. After 2 years they aren`t worth anything anyway. They are like golf drivers.

Mine is layin on the kitchen table by the back door cuz i shoot it almost every day. Also a big knife layin close by in case somebody touches my bow.. (not really)

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