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From: skull
Does anyone buy extra insurance for their mounts?

From: Teeton
Never thought of that. Good question

From: Franklin
Truth be Mounts themselves are not worth much. A insurance company will not replace your Bighorn Sheep mount with the $40,000 cost of the hunt. They would give you MAYBE 75% of a decent Ram mount...which is a couple of grand.

If you have a record breaking rack or head....have a replica made and store the original.

From: grape
Yes...I have a rider on my homeowners policy on my mounts and guns. You may want to check what your homeowners policy covers. It may be way less than you think. You will have to do an inventory, which includes photographs. Basic homeowners many times has a maximum ceiling on both mounts and guns. It is worth talking to your insurance agent.

From: Busta'Ribs
Actually, there are a few high end specialty options out there that not only insure the full replacement cost of the taxidermy work, but also the hunt costs (outfitters, guides, etc) and travel expense. Do an online search and you’ll find these policies available through AIG and even Safari Club. Not cheap though. But don’t expect a lot of help from your HO policy if, God forbid, you loose your mounts. Like Franklin mentioned above, you’ll get the depreciated value of the mount cost only. BTW, I’m a disaster recover consultant and have been fighting insurance companies, representing property damage victims for 35 years.

+1 Franklin

Don't expect to get the Value of a New Hunt for your mounts more so the value of a similar Mount.

So you Don't Really get to Replace it like say a TV or that type deal.

SCI had some type of insurance but I can't recall exactly what it covered??--Sorry

Good luck, Robb

*Edit----> Busta we must have been typing and posting at the same time! ha

From: StickFlicker

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Here's a link to the SCI Trophy Replacement Insurance.

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