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From: db999
Anybody have experience freezing jerky after making it? Its such a pain to make (in my opinion) that when i make it, i like to make a lot. Any issues with making, vacuum sealing, and freezing?

From: Treeline
I usually make a big pile when I make it as well. Used to wrap my jerky in paper and freeze and it worked OK but ended up with a little freezer burn and the flavor suffered. Have had very good luck vacuum sealing and freezing.

From: midwest
Vacuum and freeze jerky all the time. No worries.

From: greg simon
Yep. Works great. Time to make some soon!

I've still got some vacuum sealed jerky from 2016 i found hidden in my freezer. Opened it up and tried it compared to some I made this year and can't tell any difference. Vacuum sealers are amazing.

From: LKH
Yup, vpack. We grind and then use a jerky shooter and food dryer. Prefer it to slicing and it sure is a lot easier.

From: butcherboy
We vacuum seal all of our customers jerky. Doesn’t matter if it’s pressed or sliced. We put a little less vacuum on the sliced and add oxygen scavengers inside the bag. Also vacuum seal the snack sticks. It doesn’t take long for a package of jerky to thaw out. We also don’t use any kind of dehydrator but cook it in our commercial smoker because it just turns out so much better.

From: Scar Finga
Yep, vacuum seal and go for more!

From: Aubs8
Anyone care to share their recipes?

From: rodb
Because jerky never does hang around very long I have not had a problem just putting them in plastic bags and freezing.

Hi Mountain for all my sausage and jerky.

From: White Falcon
Got some in the freezer now.

From: Rob Nye
Aubs8; I make lots of (Muscle not ground) jerky every year from my clients’ deer. I use High Mountain Seasonings Mandarin terriyaki mix but with 1/4 of the recommended cure. After marinating it in mix for 24 to 36 hours I put it on racks and sprinkle some Montreal steak and roasted garlic and peppers spice before smoking with Alder chips. Everyone claims it is fantastic and it disappears as fast as I can make it.

From: bas4109
I use Nesco “Sweet Hardwood” when I make jerky from ground meat. I make it in 4 lb batches and vacuum seal that into smaller portions. My kids eat it constantly.

From: DoorKnob
I do not freeze it. Dry it on the wood burner, then finish it with a blast in the wave to nuke off any nasties. Keeps forever in vac pac. many years ago I used to find it going funky after half a year, then I started (that prompted me to start) the nuke it thing after the heat cure. Problem I solved along the way was stiff meat pokes holes, so I stuff it in either another vac sac or waxtex, freezer paper or something so it doesn't puncture the seal bag. this I learned from my fav V processor who did his dry stuff this way as well.

From: pirogue
Vac seal, but I don’t freeze. You don’t find it in the frozen section in the store.

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