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From: cnelk
Was 2018 a good year in the woods for you? So-so?

What would you rank it on a scale of 1 - 10?

1 being poor, 10 being best.

From: Scoot
8, but it's not done quite yet. If we can punch one ND tag it'll bump that number up!

From: Ucsdryder
10! I don’t know if I’ll ever beat it.

From: Vids
4 - Didn't get an elk, got a doe in IL

Looking forward to more elk hunting in the future than I was able to do this year.

From: Buskill
Worst year in a long long time .

From: SDHNTR(home)
6. Killed my best mule deer and a cow elk, which was cool, but didn't get to hunt enough, and the successful ones were too easy. Just got lucky rather than having to work at it. Got way more gratification out of watching my son kill a nice deer this year.

By results, it was a 6. Only got three deer in the freezer. I’ll have 4 days on the 10-13 to get one with my longbow. That would be nice. First time I haven’t killed at least one deer with a trad bow in 8 years if I don’t get one. That’s ok too because I’m thoroughly enjoying hunting with a compound again

Back to reality. My results score may have been a 6-7 but, my over all score was a 10. I got to elk hunt again. Had a blast. Was into quite a few of them but, that dang wind killed me every time. Plus, I’m healthy. Everyday I get to wake up to a sunrise is awesome. Because it’s either hunting season or one more day closer to hunting season. Gotta love it.

From: Rut Nut
It was definitely a 10! Didn't kill much, but the good Lord decided to let me live one more..................and get BACK in the woods! ;-)

From: Brotsky
I would rate it as a 5 year in terms of success, however I would give it a 10 in terms of learning. Really picked up a lot of knowledge this year that will set me up for a great 2019. Lots of plans to knock out in the coming months!

From: midwest
9 for me.

Didn't turkey hunt this past spring because of running the Boston Marathon, then another local marathon, then a 50 mile trail ultra all within 4 weeks.

Would have been a 10 if I'd killed an elk but I got to hunt a really cool LE unit in Wyo and meet another Bowsiter. Then I hunted with some great friends in CO after that.

I only had weekends to hunt in Iowa but doubled on public land whitetail bucks one awesome November morning.

Honestly, I doubt any year I get to head west and hunt is ever going to be below an 8.

From: Dale06
Took seven critters in five states, that part a 10 Shot placement was really good, also a 10 Doubt I’ll ever top 2018

From: JSW
9 for me. In 2010 I went 6 for 6, all P&Y, that was a 10. This year I only went 4 for 6 but had 3 of the best hunts of my life. Elk, Bison and Whitetail. I targeted a booner pronghorn and "settled" for a 76" buck. Maybe 2018 was a 10.

From: TD
Yeah.....rank would be pretty descriptive.......

From: yooper89
7. Freezer is full of elk meat, but I didn't get nearly enough time in the woods due to work. On the bright side, spent Saturday afternoon touching up my resume and working on a cover letter. Time to find an industry that's busy season isn't September through November. Looking forward to 2019!

From: YZF-88
10 for sure! Tagged a nice wilderness archery mule deer & rifle elk. Brought out a buddy to experience elk hunting to boot. My daughter topped everything with her first deer and first elk. All together we went 4/4. Gotta admit I was burnt out putting that last elk steak in the freezer! Refreshed and ready to kick off 2019 now.

From: elkmtngear
If it were all about me, it would be a 5...but I watched my buddy kill a nice bull in Wyoming, got to share elk camp with another great Bowsiter, and got to see my Wife make a great bowkill on her first buck...so I'm upgrading to a "9" ;)

From: Native Okie
A 5 for me. Drew a WY elk tag and turned it in and glad I did as my Wife broke her leg in late July so I missed archery elk. Was able to get out for spike for a few days and was successful on a Colorado mule deer hunt in October. Wrapped up in KS and blew an opportunity on what would have been my biggest whitetail. Still having bad dreams about that one.

Looking forward to 2019!

From: Oryx35
I hadn't really thought about it, but 2018 was a pretty good year. I'd give it a 9, only because I failed to pick a good spot and hit a P&Y class 6x6 elk square in the shoulder. Got less than 2" of penetration and never saw him again. It had been a long time since I lost an animal.

Tagged on all of my other hunts: archery javelina in NM; rifle doe antelope in WY ×2; archery antlerless whitetail in WY; and a small archery whitetail buck in TX. The freezer is stocked for the winter.

From: Bowfreak
9 as far as memories and what I enjoy about hunting. If success was the only factor it would be a 7. I killed 2 turkeys with my bow, got to hunt WY antelope with a good friend, killed 2 deer in KY with my bow (my buck came in to a decoy setup) and got to hunt elk in KY. I struck out on goats and elk but I sure did have a lot of fun eating those tags.

From: huntnmuleys
7. Would be at 10, but I blew a shot on a big bull.

Ten, never killed an animal but was part of many hunts in multiple states.

From: CSAL
I want to say 0 but I had a great hunt on my trip to Kansas with my dad. So I will say 3. Lost 2 places to hunt here in NY. One to development and the other to a couple connected jerks. Then found put yesterday we lost our lease in Kansas to someone with deeper pockets. Which is what it is but wish I knew in November as I wouldn't have left 1k worth of stands and sticks there..... I've always wanted to hunt muleys or elk any tips? Lol

I’d give mine a 9. Turkey season only lasted a couple hours for both my son and I, and my elk season lasted an hour and 20 minutes. Only downside was my son failed to punch his elk license this year.

10... Went after a personal quest this fall and was blessed with one of my most memorable whitetail hunts of my 27 years hunting them. Looking forward to a few more weekends chasing deer and hogs in January.

Happy New Year everyone!

From: t-roy
7-8 on the whitetail hunting, and 0 the rest of the year. Had a hunt in Alaska fall through and, worst of all, my 61 yr old brother passed away unexpectedly this summer:(

From: JTV
7 ... I ended up with a decent buck for where I was hunting (Nov.) and killed a nice Doe in early Dec. ... however deer sightings and movement sucked for the most part .... more pressure now in early archery with more Elmer Fudds toting crossbows disrupting normal deer movement on the state land I hunt ... it is not the quiet unpressured season it use to be .... its not all about the kill for me ... a good day is when I dont see, here nor smell another human while I'm hunting, and now with these Fudd's traipsing around, it will never be the same ...

From: Treeline
Somewhere about a 3 here... Had a rough one with no time to hunt only managed to get an antelope and a cow elk.

From: otcWill
10. Accomplished everything I set out to do, filled the few tags I had, spent more time helping others than hunting for myself, led several new hunters to their first animal and had the single best hunt of my life with my 81 yr old father on his first muley hunt.

My 2019 hunting starts next week. It's gonna be another good one

From: Silverback
For me about a 5. I'm in my early 70's and am just loosing interest. I never thought it would happen to me.

From: Heat
2. Hunted 1 1/2 days with bow in hand. I saw a nice 4X muley buck while hunting javelina and OTC deer last January. Bad place for a stalk. Didn't draw any tags and didn't hunt at all this fall. At least I got out there so that beats a one, barely. That's all folks.

2019 starts this weekend (or possibly next) for OTC Deer and Javelina. Maybe this will be my year to break the curse.

Biggest Coues yet, biggest elk yet, and biggest WT yet, but I was hoping for more.

But I missed a giant Dall ram and I don’t really consider my year Jan-Dec because I don’t hunt much in the spring. For me, my year is July - June so I’m saving judgement till after my Coues hunt next week because I’m hoping for an even bigger one than this last January and I need the meat.

Overall though, had some great hunts and learned a lot and can’t wait for fall of 2019.

From: kota-man

From: Deertick
6-7... but, you get out what you put in ... and I proved that again this year. Took some things for granted. Like elkmtngear said, though ... it ain't all about me. I enjoyed meeting him and another bowsiter in camp this year. I've still got a private land cow elk tag until the end of January, so there's still a chance to get a 4th quarter score.

Overall ... just a year of decreased interest for me, and I don't feel all that bad about it. I got other things accomplished, and renewed my energy going into 2019.

In 2019, I'll ... spend more time scouting elk ... perhaps find a new pronghorn spot (depending on the draw) ... hunt Nebraska again for turkey and deer ... enjoy some time with a very old friend in the mountains. Maybe even hunt deer in WY ... and then there's always a chance for an unexpected draw hunt.

10- for me I went 5 for 6 with 4 P&Y animals. My oldest daughter took her first P&Y animal and my wife and youngest daughter harvested their first big game animals (rifle). Shared several hunting camps with many bowsiters this year.

8 for me. Lots of turkey action even though I did not get one. Enjoyed an elk hunt in Colorado but no elk were harmed. Got a doe and 2 P&Y class bucks here at home in Illinois.

From: Nick Muche

Nick Muche's embedded Photo
Nick Muche's embedded Photo
Nick Muche's embedded Photo
Really missing this guy. He hunted moose successfully in Alaska for more than 30 years. Glad we had one last hunt together.
Nick Muche's embedded Photo
Really missing this guy. He hunted moose successfully in Alaska for more than 30 years. Glad we had one last hunt together.
Started out a 10, messed up on an 8’+ grizzly at 12 yards, brought me to a 9. Bow blew up on a 380” caribou, brought me to an 8. Circumstances out of my control took me out of the game on a giant colored phase black bear I really wanted to hunt, so a 7. Didn’t get a brown bear in a great unit after 14 days of hunting, at a 6. Had to pass on a great bull moose at 42 yards cause he was a bit out of my comfort zone with the stick, so a 5.

But! I killed 5 animals with my recurve, few with a rifle including a Dall ram I’ll likely never top, my wife killed a giant grizzly plus her first caribou. I spent a lot of time with friends and they were all successful. Lost a great hunting partner, friend and neighbor to a surgery gone wrong shortly after we had a successful hunt for moose which unbeknownst to us at the time would be his last. Slow year overall but three freezers are full and we’ve got some taxidermy bills. Looking forward to 2019. First hunt is about 60 days away.

From: JohnMC
I had a great year even though I bought a business in July and really cut down on hunting time.

I killed 2 turkeys in spring and my daughter killed 3 with a shotgun.

I killed my biggest elk and only had 3 days to hunt.

I killed a great 150'' whitetail and only hunted 4 days.

My daughter killed a antelope and a great mule deer with a rifle.

Have not gotten out much for pheasant but planning on going tomorrow.

I’ll give it a 9 because I can always dream of what next season has in store ;)

A 10 all the way around. Hunted with some great friends and in some incredible places. Can’t wait for 2019. Happy New Years ! Hunt

From: RD in WI
10 - killed a tom turkey in the spring without the use of calls or a blind, a 10-point buck in MN, and a doe in Wisconsin. All great shots with the animals expiring within seconds. No South Dakota antelope but I had a blast trying. I talked my brother and son into going out to South Dakota with me this year (2019) for antelope, providing the regulation changes don't prevent it. Hopefully their presence will finally tip the scales on the tough spot-and-stalk hunting. Best of luck to all in the coming year.

From: Bowriter
Most enjoyable. Killed four does and two bucks, both small and smaller and some hogs . Saw a lot of great sunrises. Had a great reunion with old friends. Still vertical, still mostly healthy. Great year.

From: Scott/IL
I’ll give it a 9. I struck out on my mule deer hunt. Few weeks later I called in a 6x6 bull for my buddy, and I killed a cow a couple days later. Back at home, I tagged out on the 2 biggest bucks I was chasing.

Leave for AZ in 2 days to try and kick off 2019 right, and trying to sort out my plans for this fall still.

From: cnelk
I’ve had better years and I’ve had worse.

Didn’t punch any archery tags this year but definitely had my chances.

Spent some great hunting times with Bowsite friends and my son this fall, walked my daughter down the aisle and filled a couple rifle tags.

I’d give my 2018 a solid 7.

From: Trial153
Had better and worse. Bloodied a few arrows and the freezer is full. Soild 4 for hunting and easy 10 for my beautiful wife and children. Busy 2019 in the works and already line up 2020 as well.

From: Jims
I had an 8! Can't beat hunting and fishing several states: Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, S Dakota, and Nebraska!

From: Willieboat
Maybe a 6.....killed a nice 6x7 bull and a nice P&Y class blacktail

From: deerslayer
The great: Got to hunt with 4 awesome bowsiters this year. Shot a bear in the spring, shot my first deer with a trad bow, and filled two buck tags and antelope tag with my bow. Had a fun but rough 17 day archery elk hunt that ended with a goose egg for me and the bowsiter I took. I did go out for a day during rifle and had a pretty crazy hunt that ended with me shooting a decent bull, which took the sting off the unsuccessful bow hunt for elk. Helped my wife shoot her first antelope buck and a muley doe. I almost got her, her first elk as well. I got to take my kids out a few times including a rifle hunt for a muley doe that was successful. The last day of the big game season I helped my buddy shoot a his first whitetail buck in the last 1/2 hour of daylight on a piece of property we had got permission to hunt 15 minutes earlier! That was actually one of the most rewarding and adrenaline filled hunts I've ever had!

The bad: I had 2 separate bucks string drop on me, and both would have been my best bucks to date. (The one would have been my best by a looong shot) Then there is the archery elk hunt that tanked. To add insult to injury I almost killed a whopper on the last day, but had an equipment malfunction at the moment of truth. Even though I felt really good about filling my tag with the rifle, I still wish it could have come together with the bow, and that I would have been able to help my fellow bowsiter get one. My wife and I were also this close to killing her first elk. She drew a great tag, but she isn’t nearly as into it as me and we didn’t get out as much as I would have liked. The one chance she had we just couldn’t make it come together, and I am still bummed about that.

All in all it was a good year that most would be thrilled with. It’s just or the possibilities of what could have been that I have to take a few points off. 2017 was off the charts, so if that was a 10 I have to judge this year by that standard. I give 2018 a solid 8!

From: Bake
This is tough. Maybe a 5?

Had some success and some adventure, but not as much success as I’d like. Got to hunt Russia for snow sheep, but never saw a ram. Bad weather and bad luck.

Haven’t fired an arrow at a whitetail. Doubt I will. Missed half of November due to sickness.

Looking forward to 2019, but have nothing planned. It’s all gonna depend on he draws this year.

From: GLP
A 9 for me. I retired in September so I got to get out a lot. Got a doe and buck. And also got my first fall turkey. Also was with my son on his recovery of a buck. 2019 hopefully alough me to get back out to Colorado . Greg

10. Gonna be my last one for 4 years thanks to Uncle Sam and I managed a solo bull elk and the trip of a lifetime to Montana, a 138" 8 pointer (rifle killed at 10 yards) off my home farm which we don't even manage for deer, and a drake wood duck, which was a bucket list item and a rarity here in MO. Not to mention all the grass carp I managed to stick this summer. Definitely one I won't forget.

From: Surfbow
10. I killed my first bull elk, I got to help out on moose, bighorn, and goat hunts for my buddies, and I had a satisfying couple days chasing mule deer.

From: Genesis
6.....killed my 6th biggest buck,did more wing shooting than I ever have (which was a goal)........failed to switch to a longbow as previously planned so not a great year

From: Scar Finga
A 10! it doesn't matter if I killed or not, it's the time afield for me. I had a wonderful and blessed year! And as a bonus, I have some meet in the freezer! If I didn't, well I would go raid my neighbors freezer:)

From: Bowboy
I would say 8. Didn't get to fling any arrows, but I did fill the freezer with a cow elk. Had to wait till rifle season do to a fire burning in my cow tag area. Forest closed a lot of the roads.

From: Zebrakiller
10 i had the most insane bowhunting year ever hunted and shot some species i nevervthought would happen

From: Elkoholic
0- Moved from Oregon where I’ve been successful on bulls three years straight. Moved to Colorado just before hunting season and didn’t get to hunt. Ask me again next year.

From: Fields
2- sucked.

8- bowseason was good here in Iowa I just passed on a lot of average bucks and shot a doe. Shotgun was the worst year I've ever had personally and I managed to call in and shoot my own turkey (jake) for the first time in the spring. Was a good year learning and scouting. Really looking forward to 2019 and to start applying for some Pref Points.

10 !!! 335 6x6 bull in New Mexico, 340 6x7 bull in Wyoming, 170 lbs. mtn lion in CO, 160" whitetail in Texas, Nice caribou bull in AK, and a nice axis buck...

From: Kicker Point
10. I thought no year could be better than last year when I killed a good one in Kansas and my first buck in Missouri. Then, this year, I killed one in Kansas again, then another one in Missouri which was my first (and probably last) booner. Very blessed indeed.

Most significant year ever as far as my future is concerned...

From: Forest bows
I'm going to say 9 out of 10 because I shot 10 big game animals and found nine of them.

From: Ron Niziolek
I'll give it an 8. I spent an obscene amount of time bowhunting for me and with friends. Took 7 big game critters with my bow. My biggest take away was I was a little overambitious in the tag department with not enough time to focus well on each. 2019 will be a kickass year! Best of luck to everyone.

From: Buffalo1
7- I made some great shots; I missed some shots; I blew some opportunities. Hopefully, I learned from my misses and blown opportunities to capitalize in the future should I get another chance.

From: ElkNut1
I've had 29 archery elk tags in my pocket with my Son. Anytime I can hunt with him it's a 10, God willing I'll have a few more. Happy New Year!


From: lawdy
A 10 - no deer but missed a big one. I didn’t get to hunt much due to coaching duties, but I run beagles all winter. I had a good group of young cross country runners and they took us right into November. At 72, I know my coaching years are probably limited, so I am enjoying each year. There are a few of us old-timers still coaching CC and Track and Field in our state, the oldest is 76 and a good friend of mine. Both he and I have our wives involved too. We both plan to coach until we can’t remember how to get to school.

From: SBH
Lawdy- I don't think i can remember how to get to school and I'm half your age! Your doing well!! As for my year.....I would say a 9 or 10 cause gosh darn it we got after it ....but I like the idea that it can and will be better soooo....8.4. Happy new years to everyone! Make 2019 count!

From: bdfrd24v
Seeing mature animals-Best ever

Punched tags-worst ever

Had my first wounded deer with the bow ever this year. Terrible feeling.

Looking forward to 2019

10, Had a buddy come out to hunt, he drew an elk and deer tag and filled them both. We haven't hunted together in 10 years since I moved west. I was able to fill my deer tag (rifle) but spent bow season getting Tony's tags punched. Great hunt, great time!

From: Huntiam
9 or 10 had a good yr...I killed 3 long beards wAtched 9 more die .killed three 8 pointers 5 does myself ..put a guy on a 150..another on a 130... watched bunch people kill their first bear also ...my little girl got to watch me kill a deer to her first... put my wife and sister both on a buck and been healthy for it all very thankful ...

From: Burly
1, Health issues so I didn't get to go out much this year. Never seen a leagle buck either. Oh well. Can't wait to next season.

From: Beav
I would say a 10. My son and I combined for 5 whitetail bucks 2 antelope bucks and a Nebraska bull elk. Also some does and a pile of fish and turkeys. Also some great times and hunts with the best friends a guy could ask for.

From: tobinsghost

tobinsghost's embedded Photo
tobinsghost's embedded Photo
Easily a 10! I shot a turkey in Spring, went to Africa and had a blast and came back and finally shot my version of a trophy whitetail, 4.5 year old!

The real trophy was my wife, married on 08/18 and not sure how I can have a better 2019!

No complaints here.

Wonderful year

Good luck, Robb

From: pav
Actually bowhunted more days in 2018 than ever before and got to experience my 1st sheep hunt....so I have to rate 2018 a 10 from the experience standpoint.

From a success standpoint, I'll go with a 7 for the year. Successful seasons at home, arrowing a spring turkey and mature whitetail buck. Struck out on the sheep hunt (actually never saw a ram....only ewes and lambs). Did not fill my elk tag, but called a bull in for a good friend on the last day of the hunt....his first ever elk...and first ever bowkill. That was a good day!

From: ElkNut1
pav, you're cutting yourself short, that's an awesome year you had! (grin)


From: DEC

DEC's embedded Photo
DEC's embedded Photo
I would say a 10 for me. 6 bow killed long beards across three states, 1 solid bow kill buck, 1 bow kill doe, a whole bunch of waterfowl hunting, and being along side my youngest daughter when she arrowed both a buck and a jake turkey.

From: 12yards
I give my CO DIY elk hunt a B-. Actually heard some bugling which was fun, got an opportunity at a bull. Very exciting, bugling back and forth, he would start bugling back before my buddy was done bugling. We were moving down the ridge toward him in some darker timber and it sounded like he was moving to our right. Last time he bugled I thought he was still a couple hundred yards away so I got on the game trail at the base of the ridge and started moving fast toward him to close the distance. Well, he was only about 40 yards away! His bugle must have been muffled by the heavier pines down there. He made me when I was about 30 yards away and I bumped him. He started toward the game trail and would cross at 40 yards. I drew and he stopped but only his back half was showing so no shot. Very exciting experience for me for sure! But the next day my buddy's dad had altitude sickness bad and we had to leave. Bad deal but it was still a great experience.

My whitetail hunting year was just weird. Hunted hard in MN before gun season and saw very few deer after a summer when I was seeing deer everywhere. For some reason they just didn't seem to be moving very well. Had some deer close including one nice buck, but could never get a shot for some reason. Too close, on to me, in the brush, wouldn't stop, etc. So I didn't shoot a deer until after gun season. Then I snapped on a small buck to get some venison. Then I shot a big doe day after Thanksgiving. So I'll give my whitetail season a C.

From: StickFlicker
I didn't draw any tags to speak of for 2018, so it wasn't my most productive year. I was also the Editor of the upcoming 6th edition of Arizona's bowhunting record book (Bowhunting in Arizona), so that ate into my available hunting time. However, I did manage to arrow a new state record Merriam's with an OTC tag (almost all tags, including turkey, are on a drawing basis in AZ). The record was AZ's longest standing archery record, so that was exciting. I'm hoping to repeat the feat with a Rio Grande turkey this spring (drew the tag with 15 bonus points) in AZ! Arizona has very few Rio's and only issues 4 tags per year for them. I also drew a bison tag (30 bonus points), and I have a planned trip to Africa, so hopefully 2019 will rank much higher for me, at least in terms of tags filled with my bow.

From: PECO
Bad year.

From: Jack
I had a tenner! Spent a week by myself in the mountains and returned home safe and sound. Saw a lot of turkeys in the spring and some good whitetails in the fall. Didn't kill a thing this year, but that wasn't important! God grant me another year doing what I love, and I'll rank it higher next year.

From: RD
Every day God gives me is a 10. Oct was terrible but a string of 30+ degree days in Dec made up for it. 4 deer in the freezer.

From: Michael
Mine was a 10!

Got to hunt with two fellow bowsiters on separate hunts. Met some of there friends and had a great time.

From an animal perspective shot my 2nd bull in Wyoming this year. Our group went 4 for 4.

Didn’t get a SD muley but should have. Definitely had my chances.

Shot a good Kansas buck again. Our group went 3 for 3 again this year.

The icing on the cake was my last set of a week long coyote trip I called in 4 coyotes. We won’t talk about how many ended up in the truck.

From: Rob in VT
I would say a 4.

House burned down

Truck was totaled (hit from behind)

Went on a moose hunt and only one not a tag out. Still had fun.

Got pneumonia and missed part of archery season and all of muzzleloader season.

Glad 2019 is here!

From: LBshooter
Very limited time out but the times out had some close interactions with the does. Freezer still empty but seasons not over yet, stay tuned. I'd give it a 4 so far.

From: iceman
10 for me. I killed a nice muley and black bear in CO in September, then my biggest whitetail at home, all with my bow. Also, my 9 year old daughter got her first deer on Thanksgiving afternoon. Plus we still have 4 weeks of the season left with the rut going on.

From: njbuck

njbuck's embedded Photo
njbuck's embedded Photo
It was a hell of a year. Took my first mule deer. Took some great deer here at home in NJ and took this monster in Iowa. Will be tough to top 2018 in the whitetail woods. The best part is it still isn't over as we have another month to go here in NJ.

It will be tough to beat 2018 but I am going to give it hell and try to in 2019!

From: LBshooter
Very limited time out but the times out had some close interactions with the does. Freezer still empty but seasons not over yet, stay tuned. I'd give it a 4 so far.

From: Rocky D
Killed several pigs but less than normal so 7. Pulled a zero on a NM elk make it 4. Took young man on his second elk hunt and first that he heard bugling but then he passed on two shot opportunities waiting for a bigger bull so pull me back to 7. Three weeks in Ohio and a I rolled a goose egg so back to 4. I will say my standards were high so 5. Took a 23 year old Marine and he killed his first buck so back to 7. Then I took a friend who killed a 140 inch 11 point so make it a 9. No deer for me yet even though I am waiting for a good buck for the area will put me back to 6.

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