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From: Buffalo1
Looking forward- what are your bowhunting goals for 2019?

Same as the last fifty years, assist family and friends in killing deer, elk, bear and turkeys in several states with traditional bows and arrows, and Hawkens.

From: Bou'bound
Make memories

From: huntnmuleys
Add about 15-20 yards to my effective range. Love hunting with a traditional bow, but I’m tired of watching trophy bulls and bucks go by at 30-45 yards and me not shooting.

From: Dale06
I don’t make any goals in inches of antlers or skull, or P&Y Been at this too long and that takes the fun out of it for me I will hunt several states for deer, elk, antelope, turkeys plus some shotgun bird hunting And I’m doing all of it with friends, brothers and son My goal is to have fun and help others do the same

From: RD in WI
My primary personal bowhunting goal is to harvest an antelope using the spot-and-stalk method or by decoy. That will remain in the top personal spot until complete or when the tag becomes too expensive or too great a hassle to secure. My annual goals are to bowhunt with my 83 year old mom who still used a compound bow set at around 40 pounds and to bow kill two deer for our annual supply of red meat. Best of luck to all in achieving their goals for the year.

From: JTV
Get back onto my running after the holidays, get back to my hunting weight ... eat healthy again now that the holidays are over ;0)... scout and prep new locations, re prep old old locations ... kill deer as I always do ... hunt turkey in the spring, steelhead fish and look for sheds in Feb/March, chase bikinis in the summer, squirrel hunt in Aug. and shoot the heck out of the Allegiance .....

From: Kicker Point
Make sure I'm on stand at least 30 times next fall.

From: DanaC
Kill something for a change ;-) Kidding aside, I'm planning to shoot more IBO competition and hoping to maybe win a few times in my class. Luckily I shoot Senior Trad, not a super-crowded field like BBO!

From: Scar Finga
Drop 20lbs, get back down to my fighting weight! Cut back on the alcohol and quit a few bad habits… I just finished my boat, so I want to do more fishing and scout more. Want to get my fat bird dog back in shape and start hunting her again! Spend more time with my wife, kids and grandson! all achievable!!!

Good Luck gents, Happy New Year and God Bless!

intensify my work out training, and since I was close, to stay alive, and thank God every day, for giving me a few more hunting months

Arrow a sheep

From: Genesis
Kill a good one with Longbow

From: GhostBird
Help my daughter arrow her first whitetail.

From: Shaft
My first Iowa Whitetail buck!

From: Bowboy
Have fun and hunt more days!

From: t-roy
Try to get a lot closer to sheep shape than treestand shape. Started Keto today. Wish me luck!

From: Dinny
Arrow a bear!

Thanks, Dinny

From: Dinny
Not make duplicate posts, lol

Thanks, Dinny

From: Kurt
Arrow a couple of caribou and an elk...Mt, CCBG & Tule! Good luck in '19 to all!

Go west and hunt with some friends. Mule deer, elk, antelope... I don't care. Going west!

From: Oryx35
The big one for 2019 is to hunt a new state and/or species. The rest will depend on how I fare in the western draws.

From: APauls
Unusually I don’t have my hunts ironed out yet, so can’t establish my goals...

From: BigOk
Another year of great memories hunting with my daughter!

From: Buffalo1
After giving thought to my own question, I would say my goals for 2019 are pretty simple: 1. Stay healthy- without good health its hard to accomplish anything. 2. Have fun at whatever I do- sometimes I set super high goals and stress myself to the point that I miss the "fun part" of the activity. 3. Continue to dream and stay positive- refuse to be a "dugga boy" or just lay down and quit.

From: SBH
In no particular order......Kill a deer in AZ in a couple weeks, Kill a giant bear in Saskatchewan this spring, make sure my boys have opportunities for turkey, bear and deer. Fill my elk and deer tags with my bow. Help at least 2 friends fill their elk tags.

We get this all done and I'm a happy camper:)

From: Bake
A 300+ bull elk and a 150+ whitetail. Get permission on at least one new farm

From: cnelk
I need to wait until the WY draw results are out

From: Elkoholic
Get my son a bull.

From: midwest
Run the Ice Age 50 mile trail run and win my division.

Lift more and run less after my ultra.

Dump a bunch of elk points.

Best of luck to everyone in 2019!

From: Owl
Keep moving the needle on athletic performance and my effective range. Most importantly, make a clean get away from business for a few weeks in the fall.

over come target panic, get into shape

From: Huntiam
Mite sound crazy to some of y’all...mine is spend more time with my family ...I hunt way way to much wife never says a word about it...but my kiddo is growing old way to fast on me .

From: lawdy
Win a state championship with my team. Finish my album that my engineer and band mates are nagging me about.

Now that I’m retired, I’ll do cardio on the seated bike in the basement 7 Days a week until it gets nice enough to ride my bike. Once I recover from elbow surgery, I’ll do strength training 5 days a week. Hopefully in a couple months, I’ll be able to start shooting my bow again!

As always, my ultimate bowhunting goal will be to kill my elk and help my son kill his.

From: Glunt@work
Learn to skate so I can get some ice time with my son who is loving hockey, hunt when I can, maybe burn a pile of deer points, kicking around the idea of moving to a bigger place.

Get a shirt in late April that says "I survived Omaha 2019"

From: Vids
Keep building my side business which will create money to hunt more states/species. Other than that, get to September in better shape than I was this year and hunt more.

From: 12yards
My goal is to have a left shoulder that still works good enough to hunt with. After that, hopefully get drawn for IA, if not chase whitetails in another state somewhere.

Get back into winter deer scouting. Taking my whitetail hunting seriously again.

Figure out a way to make more money with more time off. I’m not getting any younger and every year sees less hunting time and money then last. I’ve reversed the natural order of things. Income and time off is supposed to improve as we age. Mine isn’t.

Go elk hunting again.

Get out to elk hunt again this fall.

From: Scoot
I've got some important goals this coming year, but I've also got some hunting goals that I care about. First, I hope to help a buddy arrow his first bull in Wyoming. Second, I want to get some good pics and footage of my kids turkey hunting. Third, I want to shoot a good buck in ND next year. Fourth, help a buddy get a food plot or two going. Fifth, get a buck in front of Morgan. Last, help Ryan get a crack at a good buck.

According to my daughter, 2019 is her year, so #5 should be easy! :)

From: Treeline
Draw a sheep, goat, moose or bison tag or two...

Burn points for tags and get out of the application rat race for deer, elk, and antelope in a few states.

Make time to actually get out and kill at least a few decent critters if I draw the tags.

Set up a Kodiak deer hunt, Alaska moose or caribou hunt if I don’t draw any good tags.

Kill a bear in Colorado.

From: StickFlicker

StickFlicker's embedded Photo
StickFlicker's embedded Photo
1. Free range bison with bow. 2. AZ Rio Grande turkey with a bow. 3. AZ bear with a bow. 4. Take a few African animals I haven't taken before.

To get a new bow

From: Shug
I hope to be able to get walking and moving around a little better...

From: Busta'Ribs
Control my shot...Control my shot...Control my shot. Finally, after 40 plus years and hundreds of dead animals, I’d like to control my shot indstead of my shot controlling me. Maybe this will be the year?

From: Yellowjacket
Kill a bear in Colorado with bow to finish my Big 8. Kill a cow moose in Colorado with bow.

From: Feedjake
Any deer off the ground with my longbow. I’ve killed deer with my longbow out of the tree stand and off the ground with my compound but never done the hardest combination.

From: Joe Holden
Pronghorn Buck...then another one; Go after the nice 4x4 i saw in NE the morning i shot the one i came home with; bow hunt New York with my brother (lives in Manhattan, should be fun!) Something over 160" in KS; maybe redeem my opportunity on the 130" whitetail in MO..should be at least 131" next year

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