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From: jjs
This is my 2nd season in a row where I had to deal with an injury that limited my hunting or near end it, busted ribs prior opening 2 season ago (should have been dead or a quad) and this last one got a sever planter fasciitis that really hamper the walk or stalk. Had to deal with the flu several times in a hunt and had to carry a bud out that snap his ankle, lucky he only weighted 130# that made it easier to get him out. Just curious at if everyone on here has been bless with good health on your hunt, looking forward to the next season but things usually comes in 3s with me, hope for the best and expect the worst is my outlook.

From: Bou'bound
Hope isn’t a strategy

From: drycreek
How about a worn out body ?

From: Rob in VT
I had pneumonia this fall. Missed the best week or archery and all of Muzzleloader. Finally getting over it.

I’ve been lucky. Being young and staying skinny helps.

I had a hunting partner who fell and broke his vagina and hasn’t been able to hunt since.

When it comes to my personal wishes and desires, it has always been a huge struggle for me. Since hunting and being outdoors is my way of treating myself to something good, those things have taken a real beating to life. I just shake my damn head in wonderment on how it got to here. And, quite frankly I'm struggling spiritually and, in every other way imaginable with that reality.

Life is not fair. Its not fun a lot of times. And, it sure has no reverence to anything that you might think you deserve concerning hunting. I've missed it due to knees surgeries, cancer, sickness of my wife and oldest step son, work, needs of others, etc.... If it could happen to ruin a hunting trip, its happened. I used to rationalize it thinking one day I'd get mine in exchange. So far, that has been a flawed way of looking at it. Take care of number one when you can, every time you can.

From: drycreek
Idyll, choose your trans partners more carefully. (Does this belong in the tips/secrets thread ?)

A broken vagina will do that to a guy

From: casekiska
I'm 74, this past fall was my 62nd year bowhunting. During all this time I have had my share of bumps and bruises (and a bit more), but nothing life threating,...or anything that would permanently stop me from shooting a bow. Thank goodness!

I do know fellows though who have really had it rough from hunting related injuries,...torn muscles, knees blown out, falls from trees & various stands, back injuries, severe frostbite, rotator cuff injuries, and one fatality from a heart attack while hunting.

Field experiences and conditions can be deadly. I think we all treat our safety a bit too casually and think sometimes it is a wonder more fellows don't get hurt. Glad to see the increased use of tree stand safety harness. In times of trouble our new GPS locators and cell phones can be lifesavers also.

I'd be willing to bet there are plenty of fellows on this forum who could tell hair raising stories about dangerous and critical situations while afield. If they can talk about it I guess they are OK or mostly OK. Hope we all can stay that way!


From: cubdrvr
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia for me. Diagnosed about 5 yrs ago. Had to have my spleen and appendix removed. Had bacterial meningitis in July 2016 that all but killed me. Got the last laugh tho. Killed a nice antelope and my best bull to date that fall. I have to carry a couple kinds of antibiotics in my pack and pack a SPOT. Have very little immunity; common cold is my nemesis. Takes a month to recover each time..

I was able to kill a moose in Alaska in 2008. Glad I did it then as there’s no way I could chance getting weathered in these days.

One of my biggest struggles is worrying about getting an animal out by myself so that’s always in the back of my mind while I’m out and it affects my hunting. Feel like a pussy and tho I keep in decent shape I just don’t have the endurance anymore.

There has been a lot of progress with this family of cancer in the last couple years so I’m hoping. The pessimist in me says it’ll be too expensive if they get a therapy/ cure.

From: StickFlicker
Sorry to hear about the health troubles some of you have endured. Makes my broken toe this fall seem like I should spray some Windex on it and walk it off.

From: SB
Heart attack in infection in 2017 from an animal bite in which I nearly lost my left hand...Maybe 2019 I can finally get out again?

From: bentshaft
Rotator cuff surgery in 2012, back issues the past few years really limited my hunting but I had surgery on December 10th so I should be ready for a bear hunt the end of May.

From: Burly
The last two seasons have been a struggle with me for hunting anyways. Two seasons ago I came down with Plantar fasciitis in the beginning on Nov. That really threw A wrench in my hunting plans. I still went but only could hobble so far. Surgery helped with that. This past summer my knee was the problem, I found it almost impossible to walk far or climb into any tree stand. So I hunted on the ground . Didn't get anything this year but that's ok. I still got to go out. Over the years I have hunted while on crutches ( dragged a deer out while using them ), I have hunted while recovering from back surgery. And have hunted while waiting for rotator cuff surgery . I could barely hold my bow up. Got to want it man lol.

From: Crusader dad
Heart attack on valentines date with my wife @ 30yrs old. Stroke at 34yrs old. I’m now 36, eating healthy and working out daily (even yoga). The only lasting side effect is the stroke severely affected my short term memory so I have to write myself notes for everything. Aside from that, I’m healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been. Both happened at times during the year that didn’t ruin my hunting season.

From: Scar Finga
I had to "Postpone" my Australia trip for buffalo, family with health issues (Alzheimer's). Torn ACl and LCL on WY elk hunt first day there. I stayed and hunted 10 days in a huge knee brace- Horribly painful! Bad shoulders, colds, flu etc... Damn getting old sucks!

Prayers for you all, I hope 2019 finds you healthy and able to do what you love!

God Bless!

I truly believe a year round workout routine certainly helps keep the body ready for many activities.

That said

Injuries Suck and can linger for quite a while afterwards.

Ya just have to back things down to recover and then go do your thing with your new 100% (never the same as your original 100%)

Hang in there man

Good luck, Robb

In Sept 2017, getting ready for the fall, and hunts, I was walleye fishing, and told my wife I had an ache that would not go away, on my right shoulder. I went into my doctor, just to make sure...... well I had a double by pass, and would have been wolf bait, if I had not gone in.......................................... long story short, the incredible surgeons, learned I was a bowhunter..... By December, they told me, start pulling back that bow, little by little, and complete our 22 week rehab.

I was a swimmer, and doctors said, swimmers survive,,,,, I was back hunting by March, but on a slower basis,,,,, now I am out all the time...................

Don't ignore pain, and them little aches, can mean something......... and here is my tip,,,,,,,, NEVER COMPLAIN,,,,, the other side of me was the cancer ward, now there is something to complain about

God bless all my fellow hunters

From: 12yards
So far so good for me. Had a bout with sciatica in 2009 but hunted through it and PT'd my way out of it. My only issue is degenerating shoulders. My left (bow shoulder) will need to be replaced in the coming years. But I try to stay in shape all year so I can hunt for three months in fall. So far it's working.

From: midwest
We are mostly all just a fraction of what we are capable of physically. Americans eat like assholes, drink too much, and exercise way too little. Just take a look around at Walmart or a hotel swimming's literally shocking to see all the obesity. Injuries, heart disease, diabetes, etc. are the result.

You may look at yourself and think you are in so much better shape than them but I'm willing to bet you are still 20+ pounds and 2-4" waist size over what would be your ideal body composition. Not to mention your cardiovascular fitness. Not pointing my finger at the OP, I'm including myself in the above statement as well.

We can all strive to be a better physical version of ourselves not only to extend our hunting seasons but to improve our resilience, our mental health, our well-being, and being less of a burden on others as we age.

Here's to a healthy 2019 to everyone!

From: Ziek
It's called life. If you've been around for more than a few years, you've been sick or injured at times when you really prefer to be out doing something you enjoy. Not much you can do about it. Staying in shape all the time, not just when preparing for a special outing, and maintaining situational awareness all the time, to keep from being injured, will help, but not prevent injury or illness.

From: cubdrvr
There has to be a few more. Tell your story/situation. It will more than likely inspire or encourage others.

Cysts removed from lower spine a year ago but severe pain in back/right leg has returned and my surgeon is currently looking at the new MRIs. Refuse to take any meds for the pain so some days things get nasty. Aging is not fun. Am going to forgo this year's NL moose hunt as spouse wishes it not be attempted. Thinking about trying to return to some spring bear hunting as limited walking required. All depends on what doc finds.

From: bigtines

From: Shawn
cubdrvr wins!! That is truly inspiring, not religious man but God bless you!! I am one who has been in pain the last few years. I am also the one who pushes thru it and continues to be stupid and do things that are not good for me. I hunted this past year with a bulging disc and a shoulder that was supposed to be replaced 3 years ago. The disc is better now that I have had treatment and not climbed trees or hung stands in a few weeks but the shoulder is toast finally went in today and scheduled the total replacement March 26th. My best advise is to listen to the doctors but also push yourself during the healing process as to get better faster without being stupid. My doctor tells me I will be back to shooting 60#s in 12-14 weeks, so I am making 12 my goal. Remember a positive attitude is the best medicine there is! Shawn

From: 4blade
With a December diagnoses of 5 bulging discs, mild to moderate, in my lower back and 3 degenerative facets joints, basically arthritis, depending on what doctor you talk to, in 4 or 5 years I may not be able to hunt at all. According to my doc the only reason I am doing so well is because I work out, weights 3 days a week, walk 1.5 miles the other days, and do daily back exercises as prescribed by Doctor Stewart McGill in his book, The Back Mechanic... what a life saver this book has been. The funny thing is when I do go hunting my back hardly hurts at all, it loves the walking movement .

But now I have to make a decision. I don't have the cash to run all over the west hunting elk, which is my passion. Nor the time since I am self employed. I could draw some lesser units for bull in my state of Utah... or wait 4 or 5 years to draw a top unit, I am only going to get to do this once. But, if I wait and my back continues to deteriorate, I may not get to do it all.

What would you do?

From: Shug
Welcome my world... just keep pushing

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