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I'm leaving for AZ in the AM and I can't find my AZ hunting license. NV and UT mail them to you, but I can't remember if AZ mails it or has you print it up, but I can't figure out how to print my license from the portal and there's no email from AZGFD on the date that I bought my last license.

Ok, I found where to reprint it. Boggles my mind that you can't do that from the portal. Next question: I usually just stop and buy a deer tag OTC. Can this be done online?

From: StickFlicker
I doubt the tag can be done online, because it has to be printed on a sticker instead of regular paper. Also, beginning January 1, dealers can now charge you a service fee of however much they'd like, when selling you a tag or license. I don't think the big merchants will charge more than a few dollars, if anything, but it might pay to ask them how much their fee is before they start writing, especially if it's a small private store. Good luck on your hunt!

From: Scar Finga
Find a F&G Department on your way, swing by and get a new tag.

Good luck on your hunt! What unit are you hunting? I am leaving on Thursday for 28&31


Panther Bone 's embedded Photo
Panther Bone 's embedded Photo
You can get your tag at Wal-mart, Idyl.

No go on doing it online. The tag is like one huge sticker. I got to use mine a few days ago. What a tough hunt the OTC archery season is down there. I did let a Coues spike walk at 25 yards. I was told by several that the kill percentage is about ten percent on these spot and stalk hunts.

Good luck, man!

Congrats Panther Bone !

Good luck Ike !

I usually stop at F&G in Tucson on the way. I was just trying to save a few minutes. I just looked at last year's buck and it still has the sticker on it. I forgot that's how it works in AZ. Every state is so different with tags and laws, it's hard to remember.

Scar, I'll PM you.

Panther, what a buck!

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