SCI Convention - 2019
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Buffalo1 13-Jan-19
Kurt 13-Jan-19
PAstringking 14-Jan-19
JSW 14-Jan-19
From: Buffalo1
Who went and what was your impression? How was attendance?

From: Kurt
First time for me. Went for the first 1.5 days. Huge......about 1,000 exhibitors. Only did justice talking with a few Canadian outfitters, otherwise blew past 990 tables. Did see a few friends. Reasonable size crowds Wednesday and Thursday morning. I would guess it got busier later in the week? I did hear a comment that there were less attendees this year in Reno versus last year in Las Vegas. Don’t know the validity of the statement.

More life size size XL brown bears there than I could imagine. Also a lot of deer farm monster racked bucks on display. Most every firearm manufacturer too up thru English doubles. Overall was glad I stopped by.

From: PAstringking
Attendance was down a little bit but overall still a great show. The people of Reno really want SCI...where as Vegas could care less. The show will be in Reno for another 2 years and then back to Vegas for a short period.

Entertainment was a hit this year with Oliver North, Trace Adkins, and then ZZ Top. Auctions went well and generated a lot of money for hunter advocacy efforts across the US and rest of the world.

From: JSW
P&Y had a booth and a short shooting range with S3DA. Lots of people came by and shot. It was a huge hit with the kids. Attendance was better in Vegas but it was still a great show. KUIU donated a jacket and daypack to give away as part of the shooting event. I know I had a great time.

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