Here we go again!! Meat debate!
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Link to the new “meat consumption guideline” mapped out by our awesome scientific minds! Thoughts?

From: JTV
Full of cow farts as usual ... I'm way past tired of the fake narrative of man made climate change and the junk science and liberal politics behind it ... real humans eat meat, veggies/salads are the side dish ....

From: Woods Walker
Veggies are what food eats!

From: midwest
If God didn't mean for us to eat animals, why did He make them out of meat? :-/

From: ohiohunter
And why did he make them delicious?

From: Franklin
You only have so many seconds on this earth....don`t waste it reading crap like that. Live your life the way you want to.

From: Jaquomo
Soylent Green is the answer to all of the world's food problems.

I always look at predator and prey. Prey, have their eyes on the sides of their heads, in order to get a wide range view for potential threats. Predators have their eyes in the front, to keep their prey in full, head on view. Next, while do have molars for grinding, we are omnivores, we have canines and incisors for ripping and tearing flesh. Lastly, you need meat from protein sources in order to grow, both physically and mentally. I remember reading a study on early man and brain size. It was only after man was able to maintain fire for warmth, protection, and most importantly cooking the meat that was killed, did the human grow, and in essence so did man. I prefer to eat the things that eat the salad, rather than the salad.

From: Aspen Ghost
I've noticed that every vegetarian I've ever met is stupid. I don't think that is a coincidence. Eat meat, get smarter!

From: Cocoon Man
The climate changes ,always has, always will. We have had 5 major ice ages and guess what it warmed up between each one. Seems they go in cycles maybe has something to do with the solar system dah! And we weren't around in any numbers to cause any effect on the climate.

In the late 60's and early 70's they were worried about global cooling and then the big ozone scare, a hole in the ozone layer and we were all going to get cancer then the hole just closed up! Given a choice I will take global warming over global cooling not much food can be grown when its all ice! But then maybe I could draw a Wooly Mammoth tag!

From: Z Barebow
Reading that article is time I will never get back. I haven't looked at National Geographic since elementary school when I was scouting for boobies.

And they never mention how meat obtained through hunting is the most environmentally friendly food we can eat! Trees don’t need to cut down to grow crops for animals or people. But that would just confuse people, Hunting is good for the planet?! How can that be?!!!

Im with you, Mike. If anything, this article would be more of a proponent FOR hunting, wouldnt it? Protein without the negative effects on the environment, isnt it?

From: MK111
This report is good for us meat eaters. Leaves a better choice for us.

I have canines for a reason.

From: Shaft
"Soylent Green is the answer to all of the world's food problems." Lou, you just aged yourself with that comment. lol Classic old movie, I remember it well....guess that ages me too!

Like many things in life people site unattainable goals and expect reality to follow. If we exterminated all animals except for humans there would be far more food to share. These seem to forget that even congress couldn't provide enough fertilizer to keep the plants going. We hunters are guilty of the same thinking. Have you ever shot a coyote to help the deer herd? In reality the deer herd as well as other prey control the coyote population. Less to eat means fewer coyotes. If you kill one that makes room for other coyote pups. My conclusion is we should conserve resources not just try to preserve. If you are really concerned about feeding everyone you need to keep crop land and you need borders for the wildlife that are far more important than most folks understand. I would hate to think we will enter a time when people are the only animals with worth.

From: David A.
The two big problems I have with reports like this are 1) they don't distinguish wild game vs. domestic animals. Wild game is not bad for the planet! 2) the hidden costs of plant/vegan agriculture is never figured in for comparison. How about soil erosion, soil and chemical run off into the oceans destroying marine habitats, how about the huge petrokcaloric costs of production...blah blah I could go on and on. There is "no free lunch" impossible!

In the year 2555, if man is still alive and we are munching on algae biscuits and tofu where will the animals be? I'll tell a museum...oh, the irony!

Lou that movie freaked me out when I saw it as a kid!

From: Matt
How about a plan to reduce human population growth in the first place?

From: spike78
Are scientists paid for with our tax dollars? Works out good though in the future with so many fruity’s it’s more meat for me.

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