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For a bunch of us, it’s time to start planning for the upcoming season. That means getting in for as many hunt drawings as we can. Whether you’re a newbie considering jumping into the western points game or already sitting on a bunch of points and need to know the best hunts to spend them on, Top Draw can help. We are a company focused on nonresident archery hunting application information for DIY bowhunting the Rockies. We supply the most up-to-date information available for draw odds, harvest statistics and trophy potential for the mountain states of the west. This is a service created for bowhunters, by bowhunters. For hardcore archery hunters, this has been an underserved market for years.

I am proud to announce our Bowsite sponsorship and I can’t think of a better place to spend my advertising dollars. I’ve enjoyed the hunting stories many of you have shared on Bowsite over the years and have learned a ton from you guys. Most importantly I’ve made some great friends through Bowsite and have been on some awesome hunts with a few of them. My hope is that Top Draw can help Bowsiters as much as Bowsite has me. To show our appreciation for the Bowsite community and what it has meant to us, we are offering 20% off a year’s membership. To claim this discount just hit the link above. If you’d like an example of the information we provide, check out the Colorado (Demo) page. We humbly ask you all for your support and wish you all a pocket full of tags in 2019. If we can be of any help in your application research please don’t hesitate to ask!

I probably don’t have much of a name on bowsite, but what little “rank” I have built up on here over the last few years, I would put all of it behind Eric and Top Draw.

I am just now jumping into the points game, and after talking with Eric he set me up with short term, mid-term, and long term draw plans. After spending time with Eric learning about his passion for bowhunting, I feel very confident in the advice and points plan he built for me. I gave him my budget, what species’ I was interested in, and what I was hoping for trophy potential/draw length wise and he got me set up and confident in the western tag game in 8 different states, applying for 9 different species.

His knowledge of the ins and outs of western draws and opportunities is second to none. Not to mention all the tags this guy has drawn himself… His own results speak for themselves when it comes to drawing tags in great areas. Would definitely recommend Top Draw to anyone seeking advice or guidance when it comes to western hunting.

From: SixLomaz

From: SBH
Good luck to you Eric. I hope you are successful with your venture. Really enjoyed some of your posts in the past, your'e a killer. (I still remember that goat hunt you posted up a few years back maybe? That was a tremendous thread and documentation of a great hunt) Anyone looking for help would be wise to look you up from what I can tell.

From: Trial153
Good luck with your new endeavor!

Of Eric’s draw luck is any indication of top draw then you guys are in good hands . Good luck Eric. Hunt

From: Mule Power
Six let me get this straight... outfitters are totally useless and draw tags serve no purpose at all. We should all just hitchhike out to the Rockies, swing by a hardware store for a tag walk up a hill and whack a biggun. One plan fits all right?

From: Scar Finga
Good Luck Eric and Welcome as a Bowsite Sponsor!

God Bless!

From: BTM
LMAO, Mule Power!

From: Teeton
Welcome aboard !!

Thank you for your comments and for your business, it is sincerely appreciated. To further help Bowsiters with your 2019 hunting applications and strategy, we are offering all of Bowsite’s Top Draw members’ consultation by phone. Whether you’d like to discuss the best areas to apply for this fall given your specific goals or a longer term application strategy, be sure and take advantage of this when you become a member. We love talking hunting and the research that goes into finding the perfect hunts to apply for!

It’s tough to space the AZ elk/pronghorns applications but don’t forget those are due tonight by midnight.

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