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wyliecoyote 28-Jan-19
Scar Finga 28-Jan-19
StickFlicker 28-Jan-19
From: wyliecoyote
Probably you all know this...but it was a surprise to me. In filling out the on-line elk app for a party of may encounter the fact that some hunters are listed and records kept by their SS# as a sportsman's I.D. and some have a Dept. computer generated number as the sportsman's I.D.....If you enter the wrong number, it will say that this hunter has no record. My party of 3 had 2 SS# I.D.s and one (my son) with the random computer generated number. Joe

From: Scar Finga
Yep, but I believe you can also call them and have a true Sportsman's ID number assigned so you don't have to use your SSN...

From: StickFlicker
Scar, I believe that's what he's saying they already did with his son, which is what caused the issue.

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