Many of you have it backwards - II
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From: cnelk
Just a simple PSA:

Since its application time, every year there are dozens, maybe hundreds of guys who apply for a hunt, then come on line and ask whether the unit is any good?

Classic post - "Not looking for your honey hole"

You have it backwards. You should do your homework first and then apply.

From: JDM
I like the ones like "21 pps elk nonresident", or "Where Archery Hunt? NonRes 20+ Deer Pts". You'd think after 20 years of applying that they would have an idea where they wanted to go. Instead they leave it up to the responses from the interweb where they spend their hunt.

From: yooper89
And here I was just going to ask which OTC unit in northern CO would have a bull waiting for me opening morning.

From: Destroyer350
Most of the time I think its their 1st post on Bowsite.

From: wilbur
I think lots of guys have a very good idea as to what they are going to do.

They just like throwing some shit against the wall to see what sticks. They are looking for acceptance to what they are already thinking. Do these pants make my ass look big?

Sure they might pick up a tidbit or two but most guys do have some inkling as to what they are doing.

For sure, wilbur, but a lot of guys just collect points for the sake of collecting points and really don't know what they're saving for. Thank God for those guys: they help fund conservation while keeping the draw odds lower.

"Just a simple PSA:"

I turned 40 so I got my PSA checked: 1.0 :)

I just used my 16 points and drew my dream tag. Anyone know a good place in unit XYZ to find a 350" bull? This is my first post and I'll go all passive agressive if guys don't respond within a day. :)


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