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From: ki-ke
My BS guilty pleasure is reading other than favorable outfitter reviews.....I love the most recent one for Hadley Creek. In part, the guys writes:

"And they won't return emails or phone call inquiries about this. After reading all the other similar complaints about deposit theft plastered all over the interweb - and even some subsequent litigation on this dude - I now know why; part of his business model is to steal from people."

NOW you research the outfitter and read about his dastardly deeds....AFTER you return from a crappy hunt with a thief? HAHAHA!! You took the reduced price "cancellation" bait and swallowed the hook!!

Stupidity should be painful. Research BEFORE you send a deposit. Otherwise, ya deserve all you get (or didn't)

From: Tdvorak
I love to hear a good horror story too. I don’t think it’s perverted but it IS entertaining at least. We have to laugh at our mistakes. I’ve hired more than one guide in my career that was a dink. I’ve cut down on the dink’s-hired by expecting more than just a “reference list” from them. It’s too easy for an outfitter to supply hand-picked names of successful and unsuccessful clients that will claim they are great. If you’ve ever applied for a job you know what names go on a “reference” list. Some outfitter’s are intimidated by that but not the great ones. Some of the outfitters are really proud that they are willing to send out complete customer lists. That’s a big deal. Those outfits don’t give many clients horror stories. One of my favorite horror story was about the 3 Texans that got a cherry deal on a 3x1 brown bear hunt. They bragged about negotiating all these “extras” and we’re destined to harvest 6 brown bears and then fish in their spare time...et cetera. Then they showed up at the airport headed home after only three days in the field empty handed,disgusted and embarrassed. There details were entertaining. They got a horrible experience but the price was unbeatable. Ha. They bought the story fir the deal too good to be true. Live and learn. Somebody should start a thread for the BEST horror stories. I bet it would be interesting.

From: md5252
37 ratings and an avg of 2.8

Anyone who books with them shouldn’t complain about being surprised with a bad experience. Jeez...

From: PECO
Well there is always Whitetail Heaven.

I too, like to read the other than favorable reviews, especially when there are outfitter responses. Is it just me or is it really true that with some outfitters, they don't respond but within days of a poor review there are 3 or 4 very positive reviews pop up on them??? And in some cases they positively praise the outfitter for the negative areas in the poor reviews????

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