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From: Aubs8
A couple of years ago, I heard about "Buck, Buck Moose" through this website and was gifted the book for Christmas.

I can't say enough about the cook book, specifically his direction regarding "primal roasts."

I just cooked the best roast ever cooking the hind quarter roast at 300 until it reached an internal temperature of 110...pull and rest until oven reaches 450 and then sear for 15-30 minutes. Let rest for 15 min and slice thin.

It didn't hurt I was cooking Dall sheep meat, but I have done it with elk and whitetail with the same results.

Tender and juicy! Outstanding!

Take care. Mike

From: Nick Muche
Weight of your roast?


Did you “sear” it for 15 mins or 30 mins? By “sear”, did you sear it or just put it back in the oven?

Sounds tasty but we need more details in order to try ourselves.

Lastly, you made roasts out of a sheep? smh :) Steaks and more steaks for us but I’m sure a roast would be awesome.

From: Surfbow
Nick, the "sear" part he's talking about is more like "blast in the oven" at 450, I do prime rib kinda like that, it's great...

Me too. But, I do the oven Blast First, then finish at 300. I have that cook book but have never looked at his roast recipe. I'll look it up

From: Aubs8
It was approximately 3 lbs. In the past, I have done the "oven blast" first at 500 for 5 minutes a pound and then turning the oven off like prime rib.

Shaw's method is doing the blast last after reaching an internal temp of 110.

I've found cooking the entire roast helps prevent it from drying out and tastes the same as steak using the same seasonings, often just kosher salt and pepper.

Is there a difference in eating quality in Shaw's method versus Blasting it first? Both methods cook the roast. The way you said your last post is confusing.

From: Aubs8
WV - I'm not sure if there is a difference in the end whether to oven blast before or after...

I do like Shaw's method of cooking to 110 degrees first and then blasting as it felt like I had more control over the temperature of the meat.

Previously, I would blast first for 5 min / lb and turn off the oven, keep the door shut for 2 hours....

I think the biggest keys are to take the meat out of the fridge with plenty of time in advance before cooking so the meat can get to room temp and then to have the patience to let it rest for 20 min before you start slicing....

This works great for round roasts. I usually cook them on a Friday and eat sandwiches all weekend. :)

From: Lost Arra

Lost Arra's Link
Primal roasts sound good. Hank Shaw's venison barbacoa is my go-to favorite.

From: elkmtngear
"Sear" vs "Reverse Sear"...I've found you get more consistent results throughout the entire hunk of meat with the "Reverse Sear" method (cooking lower and slower to a precise internal temp, then finishing with the sear).

I did this with a crown rack of lamb for Christmas, it was by far the best I'd ever made.

Using reverse sear after Sous Vide, is the bomb, IMHO.

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