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From: brewski
Well it's been on hell of a run for this old man. I've been enjoying archery since 1959, and bow hunting traditional, and compound since about 1974. I've taken my share of beautiful animals and participated in so many wonderful bow shoots and jamborees that have given me a lifetime of memories. I've contributed on the Bowsite and Leatherwall for years now and have shared wildlife photos, stories, adventures, and dreams of hunts to someday share . I've had five shoulder surgeries, two cervical spine surgeries, and I'm getting ready for my sixth shoulder surgery. I have no regrets for abusing my body, because each surgery comes with a great flashback to the great times that caused them. I've made some great friends here and I'm sure some enemies but it's now time to live with the good memories of good shots, good tracking, good venison, and most of all great bowsiters that share the passion of hunting and especially bowhunting. God bless all of you that have passed by to say hi! Remember...Exhale then release. Please come home safe to your loved ones and pass on this beautiful lifestyle. Steve Beer ( Brewski)

From: itshot
hope you heal well and get back out there....even if just for some more good pics

pm me for some other good photo op spots

From: bill v
God Bless. Brewski !

From: Tdvorak
Steve, you got the thrill of living! That takes courage. Some people never do it. Well done.

From: Buffalo1
Brewski - stay strong and committed. You may have more lives than a cat. As strong as your passio is it is not time to concede yet !!

From: bowbender77
Hang tuff Brewski, we are in your corner.

From: Lee
Good luck with the healing, Brewski! You have s few more left in you!


From: SteveB
Good luck! You can also hunt with a camera which is also quite a kick.....but hope you get back at it either way!

From: drycreek
Sixth shoulder surgery ? Damn. I can't imagine ! You gotta be tougher than armadillo toes. Good luck !

From: JohnMC
I wish my last name was Beer!! Recover quick! I am anti crossbow almost always but if that what it takes to go hunting and that would float your boat, I'd say go for it.

From: Zbone
Hang in there brewski, it ain't over 'til its over... Best wishes...

From: GhostBird
Keep on keeping on. You got this!!!!!!!!

From: Stoneman
Years ago I reached out to you about some information on 103, we spoke on the phone and you basically laid out the travel patterns and stand locations for me to try. While, I did not kill a deer that year, your willingness to share was never forgotten. Stay strong, get well, and Thanks!

Thank you for all that you have shared. God bless.

From: Jaquomo
You have the spirit, Brewski. Best wishes for recovery and keep the faith. It aint over til its over.

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